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DMC helps Kiro to improve Cost per Transaction by  66% 

Kiro beauty focuses on the concept of clean beauty. Fitness and Wellness targeting was chosen as it is one of the most relevant for the brand. Kiro is supported by Dentsu Marketing Cloud which helped in identifying the relevant audience groups based on interest.

DMC is a unified advertising and analytics platform. It helps marketers plan, optimize and measure their campaigns better using proprietary ad-tech products. It helps in optimizing campaigns across creatives, targets and budgets.


To get the most out of the campaigns, Kiro wanted to focus on relevant audience groups which showcase higher affinity towards their products. For Kiro, ROAS optimization was the main KPI focusing more on audience groups that can generate a higher volume of purchases.




Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) suite of DMC helped in planning & executing a data driven strategy, directly through the platform. The targeting layer elevated the way audiences are explored in the FB environment, providing more granularity.

Interest based Audience Targeting: DMC was used in the "Fitness & Wellness" targeting. The campaign was optimized for purchases. The platform broke down the targeting according to its value and efficiency. It helped in identifying the best performing audience segments based on size and affinity by using the Volume & Efficiency index of the target keywords.


Target Optimization: DMC was used to effectively target the interest-based audience segments to help improve the performance

Inculcating Recommendations by DMC: DMC recommended potentially high value interest buckets and suggested to remove the lower performing interest buckets. Thereby, enhancing the results by implementing the suggested changes.

Value Optimization: DMC helped in gaining 18% better ROAS at 66% lower CPT 


“Dentsu’s DMC tool is simple in identifying the targeting which will bring in efficiency with saving the cost, time and effort to optimise the campaigns plus had better returns for us. The best thing that Sokrati did was to identify the right set of users and audiences which helped uplift the conversion rate. The core metrics for performance campaigns were ROAS, CPT and Conversion Rate. This not only just saved time for testing the audiences through multiple experiments, but also provided better results at a go itself.”

Preeti Jagwani

VP - Digital Transformation, Kiro



Improvement in Cost per Transaction


Improvement in ROAS


Improvement in Click Through Rate

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