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Dentsu Marketing Cloud for OTT helps identify SVOD audience and deliver efficiencies for Freecharge's new offering during IPL 


Freecharge's new offering in Sep 2020, investment and financial services such as mutual funds, needed a sharp launch amongst it's already existing and relevant new audiences.



During the pandemic period, the digital advertising ecosystem was bidding fiercely on the IPL campaign. To overcome the media challenge, Sokrati and Dentsu data sciences team cracked an exclusive data partnership to identify the premium engaged digital audience. IPL was behind a paywall this year, and therefore we sought out to identify the premium SVOD audience, consuming IPL. 

We had observed that people use 2-3 apps simultaneously in commercial breaks to catch up on their social life or other content. Using this insight, to bring down media costs, increase efficiency and drive the brand narrative – we identified the premium OTT audience, added a layer of audience targeting basis DAN Explore and reached out to the same audience, outside the OTT environment to drive higher resonance and break the clutter. 


Using a deep understanding of SVOD audience through DAN Explore and OTT planner, we identified the preferred OTT platforms of our TG, along with key affinity genres. We further narrowed down our audience with people interested in Mutual Funds and are aware of Freecharge to minimize spilage, and deployed the campaign programmatically on premium inventory across digital touchpoints. 

We used 2 video creatives for the campaign showcasing Rahul Dua, a celebrity with a recognizable face. The messaging revolved around how Freecharge's Mutual Fund had made investing easy and why it is imporant to invest in mutual funds and SIP. 

“In this competitive advertising time of IPL, it is hard to deliver results with precision, speed and economical costs. But the team at Sokrati and Denstu delivered just that! Now that we have kicked off a successful launch, we can build on the momentum to drive a greater adoption of the versatile features of Freecharge platform”

Abhishek Upadhyay

Head - Marketing & Growth, Freecharge



Increase in awareness of Freecharge's new offering


Lower cost per reach w.r.t comparable inventories


People reached in 10 days

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