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Innovative Video Technology helps drive business for Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 Mirrorless Camera

Canon is a world leader in imaging technologies and markets' comprehensive range of over 200 sophisticated and contemporary digital imaging products in the country. These include digital copiers, multi-functional peripherals, fax-machines, inkjet and laser printers, scanners, All-in-ones, digital cameras, digital camcorders, dye-sub photo printers and semiconductors, card printers and cable ID printers.



To address professional photographers and high intent users from the awareness campaign, who were now in the research phase of their path to purchase a high-end camera.


Certain key features were required to be highlighted for respective genres from the Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 mirrorless cameras – to do so, we had testimonial video assets of Canon professional endorsers, with an average duration of upwards of 3 mins. The key challenge was to use these testimonials to engage with users from different genres of photography and inform them of how the camera will enable them in their field of photography.



From the very beginning, the audience for the product is restricted to the niche category of high-end photographers from wedding, lifestyle, fashion, wildlife and travel genres. The consideration phase was limited to only high intent purchases (website intenders) and similar audiences.

Media Innovation - Innovative Vid-Tech

Going beyond regular video campaigns, we used innovative video technology to engage with our intenders performing a specific action on the website – by creating a real-time customized customer experience on digital. The user was served the rich experience on the platforms they were on, upon interaction, the creative allowed the consumer to choose the product they would be interested in out of the two, the genre they prefer, informed by an ambassador of choice. Not only that, it also allowed users to choose specific features that they would like to know more about. We created an all-inclusive, user-friendly digital experience, within a single creative, allowing the user to consider, enquire and express intent all at once place!

We utilized 6 testimonial videos and 2 product videos to create more than 48 different cuts, which were served in real-time within a single frame creative.

This collaborative effort with Dentsu One has allowed us to engage with the user in the brand ecosystem for an average of 75 seconds in a single session, which is 7 times higher than any other rich media experience – the creative invited an exorbitant interaction and engagement, beyond industry standards.



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