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Snapchat Advertising: The Ultimate Guide to Reach Gen Z and Millennials!

Growth and placement of Snapchat in the Indian Internet ecosystem

Can you guess which country had the largest user base of Snapchat by the end of April 2022? It’s India, with over 144 million users of Snapchat, which is the highest number followed by the United States with nearly 108 million users.

Look at this graph to see how India is placed at the top among other leading countries.

Snapchat user graph (global)
Source: Statista


This growth is significant because of good internet availability and low smartphone prices, that have made large-scale adoption of the internet and social media users possible in India.  

This year India recorded a 5.4% annual growth of internet users which is almost 34 million-plus. 

On average, in today’s scenario, an Indian spends 7 hours 19 mins per day on the Internet, of which 2 hours 36 mins of the daily time is spent using social media. The number of Internet users in India has also risen to 658 million, accounting for 47% of the total population.  

The internet and social media penetration numbers as of today (Apr 2022).

Social Media User Statistics in India
Source: www.theglobalstatistics.com


One could argue that Instagram and Facebook are still the most active social media platforms today, with WhatsApp on the list as the most popular Messaging App.  

Without a doubt, they are! 

However, Snapchat, a free messaging and social networking app has still carved out its place in the competitive market and has managed to be the fourth-highest downloaded app (in absolute numbers) in India in 2022. 

Here is the complete list of most downloaded apps in India in 2022.

Most downloaded apps in India in 2022
Source: www.theglobalstatistics.com


Hence, we can see that Snapchat is making its mark in one of the most competitive markets, such as India, where big players like Instagram and Facebook, who have an extraordinarily strong user base.

Other than that, did you know that in the last three months leading up to April 2022, the total number of users that marketers can reach with Snapchat ads across the globe increased by roughly 32 million (+5.8 %)? 

According to the most recent statistics, nearly 7.4% of all people on the planet use Snapchat today. 

Still doubting the power of Snapchat’s growth? I hope not.

How Snapchat can be leveraged in the next campaign planning and strategy

Audience reach, demography, and behavior all play a role when you plan a channel mix for your next campaign launch.

Snapchat Advertising Reach
Source: Kepios and Datareportal


As per the April 2022 data, Snapchat Ad can reach 7.4% of total world population and 11.8% population with Internet Access.  

In India, the numbers are even better. Snapchat Ads in India can reach 10.3% of the total population and 21.9% of the population with internet access. These numbers are inspiring for any Media Marketing Manager.

Snapchat Advertising Reach in India
Source: Kepios and Datareportal


As a part of its policies, Snapchat only allows reaching users who are above 13 years of age. This means, that Snap ads can help a brand reach 13.1% of the Indian population who are above the age of 13 years. And this number has improved by 14.6% from the last quarter. In absolute numbers, it is 18 million. 

Interestingly, 61.1% of the Snapchat Indian users are male and 37.6% are females. While, Snapchat’s tools do not offer a detailed breakdown of the platform’s advertising audience for all ages, so there is no straightforward way to calculate the average age of Snapchat’s active user base. 

However, based on the latest available data, users aged 18 to 24 account for the largest share of Snapchat's advertising audience, making it one of the go-to platforms for Gen Z, followed by users aged 25 to 34.

What Business Goals/Objectives can be achieved on Snapchat

Next important thing after understanding the audience mix is to understand what business goals can be achieved using Snapchat Ads Manager.  

Just like any other advanced social media platform (like Facebook and Instagram) which offer strong targeting and campaign objective features in the ads manager, Snapchat also offers the same set of capabilities. 

Snapchat has five different advertising goals for beginners:

Advertising Goals


  • Website visits: Encourage Snapchat users to visit your website. 

  • Promote local place: Bring nearby Snapchat users to your local business. 

  • Calls & texts: Motivate Snapchat users to call or text your business. 

  • App installs: Promote Snapchat users to download your app. 

  • App visits: D Inspire Snapchat users to revisit your app. 

Snapchat also has an Advanced Create feature for advertisers who want more control over their bid, budget, and optimization goals and may require more sophisticated ad types to achieve their goals.



Build awareness 

Educate Snapchat users about your company, brand, app, and product. 

  • Increase brand awareness. 

  • Introduce your brand to potential customers. 

  • Emphasize new products or services to existing or potential customers. 

Drive consideration 

Encourage Snapchat users to find out more about your company's products or services. 

  • Make app installations. 

  • Boost website traffic. 

  • Drive engagement. 

  • Increase video views. 

  • Lead generation. 

Boost conversions 

Encourage Snapchat users to perform specific actions on your website or within your app. 

  • Boost website conversions 

  • Increase catalogue sales 

More about the campaign objectives can be read on Snapchat's official help center.  

Interactive Ad Formats and their importance 

Snapchat ad formats are mobile-first and follow a 9:16 ratio. You can use Snapchat's full-screen, immersive ads to engage your audience in a meaningful way. 


No matter whether you want to drive sales, app downloads, or meet potential customers, Snapchat Ads are easy to use and deliver meaningful results. 

Let us see what various ad formats Snapchat provides to brands and creators.

Single Image or Video Ads 

A single image or video ad is a full-screen ad that can be used for a variety of purposes. Simply add an attachment and Snapchat users will be able to swipe up and act. It is all about making an immediate impression.

Single Image or Video Ads
Source: Snapchat Ad Guide 


Collection Ads

A Collection Ad uses four tappable tiles to highlight multiple products, allowing Snapchat users to browse and buy with ease. Displaying a series of products is an excellent way to use Collection Ad.

Collection Ads
Source: Snapchat Ad Guide 


Story Ads

Reach Snapchat users with a series of 3-20 single image or video ads delivered in-between content or via a branded tile in Snapchat's Discover section. Most apt for reaching Snapchatters through a series of ads.

Story Ads
Source: Snapchat Ad Guide 


Lenses AR (Augmented Reality) Experiences 

Augmented reality lenses are a powerful and memorable way to connect with customers. Make memorable, interactive moments that Snapchat users can interact with and share with their friends.

Lenses AR Experience
Source: Snapchat Ad Guide 



Commercials can last up to three minutes and are non-skippable for six seconds. These ads appear within Snap's curated content and are ideal for engaging your audience and increasing brand awareness.

Source: Snapchat Ad Guide 



Filters are artistic overlays that appear after snapping a photo and swiping left or right. Participate in Snapchat user's conversations as they visit neighbourhood, parks, restaurants, and shops, as well as on major holidays.

Source: Snapchat Ad Guide 


To conclude, Snapchat is a platform that is rapidly expanding and cutting out a niche in a crowded market.  

The best way to use Snapchat is to reach an engaged audience, particularly Generation Z and millennials, make an immediate impact, and drive results.

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