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How To Communicate the value of SEO efforts to Senior Management

Why SEO? 

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is a marketing activity for getting website traffic organically. Through SEO we contest for higher ranking positions on search engines.

Why SEO?

SEO benefits you by adding more traffic to your website organically which is in a literal sense, Free. To scale your business you need to make sure that your website is easy to find on Google and other search engines. This is the ideal goal for an SEO plan: ranking on the top pages of SERP, gives websites an advantage over their competitors. SEO benefits the way search engines see and rank your website & get more traffic. 

While kick-starting SEO or sketching an ideal goal for an SEO, communicating the value of SEO efforts to the leadership is crucial.

In SEO- It’s all about communication! 

A relationship between an SEO agency and its client is like any other partnership—the better the communication, the better the relationship. By creating a strong relationship with your clients through effective communication practices, you will be able to work together more efficiently and achieve the desired goals through SEO efforts. 

  • SEO is not a cakewalk. As an SEO expert, you need to help the leadership understand the basic terminologies. The higher management or client will always want to see the desired/ final output for SEO efforts. Hence communicating the same requires training them for SEO industry-related terms. 

  • Some Key SEO terminologies like Crawling, Indexing, SERP, Core Web Vitals, JavaScript, Browsers, Server, etc. may sound a bit difficult for your leadership. Therefore, communication plays a key role in showcasing the value of SEO efforts and managing SEO projects. 

  • Setting goals is a major task for SEO experts. Everyone involved in SEO projects must understand the expected results and the required SEO efforts. 

  • Always consider the client’s input and welcome regular communication for the best SEO benefits. 

  • All client’s business leaders want answers to their questions when they start working on SEO. From understanding basic SEO concepts to identifying the clients’ KPIs (Key Performance Indicators and the value of the SEO efforts, Communication is the key. 

  • The value of communication is no less for the internal teams working on executions. As an SEO expert, you need to highlight the value of SEO efforts through trackers and reports. It is highly recommended to sync up weekly and review the progress on the SEO projects. 

  • A range of communication channels like- emails, video calls/consultations or even telephonic conversations can be used. The key is to choose the channels best suited to each task.  

  • Avoid using social media for SEO project communications. Instead, choose emails or telephonic conversations. 

NOTE: Senior Management in the Company or the Clients might not be proficient in SEO terminology. Hence, they will understand simple language and they will expect their SEO agency or SEO experts to communicate clearly and in a way that is easy to understand.

Educate stakeholders on SEO 

Who are the stakeholders of your SEO project? 

An SEO project manager ensures that both - the internal and external stakeholders must always be in the loop. The best way to educate them about SEO is by communicating in a way that's friendly, clear, and concise. 

Internal Stakeholders - The ones who are directly related to the SEO project. 

  • Company Leadership  

  • Senior Management 

  • Internal Team Members 

While communicating with internal stakeholders, share the results of your SEO efforts so that they can see how they affected the company's bottom line.  Along with any specific goals or metrics related to SEO, such as page views or conversion rates. 

External Stakeholders - The ones who are affected ultimately by the business outcome. 

  • Client 

  • Website Visitors 

  • Users of the Product/ Service of the Website 

  • Readers of your blog 

While communicating with external stakeholders, educate them about SEO, and make sure that you explain why you're following certain recommendations or actions—this will help them understand your position.

Communicate the SEO impact on the business 

SEO is a unique area of marketing where recurring tasks and executions are a critical part of the process. SEO experts need to be on their toes to initiate the next best possible pursuit to provide tangible business value.  

Managing your team is essential. Put your project team together, define roles, and create a communication plan for each stage of the project to get the best SEO benefits. Setting timelines is as important for every task/activity. 

A well-managed SEO Project results in

  • Timely achievement of targets/ projections 

  • Best resource allocation & high efficiency 

  • Overall quality assurance on deliverables 

  • Use of Automation for recurring tasks and workflows 

  • Effective communication with all the stakeholders 

  • Higher visibility on SEO efforts and increased transparency in results 

  • Better risk assessment  

  • Result to showcase the ROI 

  • Planned with Long term vision

How to present the value of SEO efforts?

How to present value of SEO efforts

Opportunity: Keyword Research for SEO and Competitors Analysis will give you a fair understanding of the search potential for your SEO project. Communicating opportunities like optimizing the websites as per SEO opportunities will get you more conversions. For example, if a website has a lot of traffic but exceptionally low conversion, then there are a lot of opportunities to increase the conversion rate. 

Projections/Expectations: When you make a change to your website, what are the projected results (traffic and revenue)? You should always communicate SEO efforts based on the data projections that have already been collected and analyzed. 

Actions Taken: Communicate how the optimization activities impacted your key metrics. Convey whether the SEO project started ranking better for a keyword in Google SERPs. The actions taken and communicated should be based on the projections/expectations and any data that was collected before making the changes. 

Improvements: The improvements are measured by comparing the initial results against those after making changes based on your projections/expectations and any data that was collected before making changes. 

Results: Discuss how you can use the data and come up with great insights for the business to improve your website and devise an Ideal Goal for An SEO Plan. It can include your past data points and future projections mapped with the SEO efforts & results. Talk about competitor analysis to showcase how your results compare to theirs. 


Things to add in SEO reports for senior management

Here are the essentials of SEO reports for communicating the value of SEO efforts: 

  • Data tables help show the exact numbers of visitors on the website, how many people are coming in through social media channels and what their engagement is like on the website, etc. 

  • Graphs can be used to show changes in traffic or engagement over time. 

  • Charts can be used to show data in an easy-to-read way. 

  • Numbers are used to see visitors per day understand how much traffic your website is getting and whether this number is increasing or decreasing over time. 

Documentation of SEO efforts and Results 

Documenting is the activity performed for communicating the value of SEO efforts. We must keep a record of how the implementations are taking place based on the SEO plan. Keeping track through documentation is crucial in communicating the value of SEO efforts as it keeps the top management and the clients informed and in the loop. Thus, it's important to keep everything documented—your SEO management strategy, your SEO tasks, templates for those tasks, a content calendar (if applicable), and data on your site like bounce rates and traffic source reports etc.  

The documentation gives SEO Benefits results through a consistent Content Marketing Strategy as well. Create templates for all your content types (pages, blogs, social media posts) so that they have similar formatting and are easy to maintain. Make sure you have a consistent tone of communication across all content so that it feels like one cohesive whole. 

How does an SEO Manager communicate through his day-to-day work? 

As the head of SEO Management, the manager is always aware of collective SEO efforts that are being made. They manage a team of engineers and designers, while also working with stakeholders. Thus, both-sided communication is crucial as it ensures that the team and the client are on the same page.  


How To Manage SEO Projects?

List of activities/ responsibilities of the SEO manager —

  1. Setting the Right Expectations  

  1. Improving Website Architecture 

  1. Managing Website Content 

  1. Communicating with Internal Stakeholders 

  1. SEO Management Strategy 

  1. Keyword Research 

  1. SEO Planning & Execution 

  1. Data Monitoring 

  1. Insight Generating 

  1. Reporting To Senior Management 

  1. Monthly Reviews 

  1. Quarterly And Annual SEO Performance Reports 

  1. Publishing Case Studies 

  1. Contributing to SEO Forums 

  1. SEO Project Management 

When communicating the value of SEO efforts to the senior managers or leadership it's important to impart technical knowledge regarding basic SEO Concepts and how to manage SEO projects. SEO takes time we all know it, but conveying this to the leadership might be a challenging task. 


In SEO the key is to provide a clear presentation of your efforts and make sure that you keep everything in terms of tangible results. 

Over the course of time, SEO will be more developed and consumer behavior will change, yet every SEO project should target sustainable SEO benefits. Demand for products and services will continue to grow. Thus, with changing times, consistent communication of updated SEO efforts becomes important to constantly narrow the funnel toward the potential customer. 

So, keeping in mind the importance of SEO in Digital Marketing, it is necessary to improve SEO campaigns to attract more attention and ultimately meet all these challenges.