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Google My Business: Changing the Digital Landscape for Marketers

The Presence of a business on Google in one way or the other helps in achieving growth. It is essential for a business to gain more visibility on Google. Being a comprehensive part of Google Business Listing plays a crucial role for it, not only does it help a business in gaining visibility, but also helps one in creating a better experience for the user. It helps solve one of the primary objectives of a business i.e. how to locate a business and what it does. Quite simply, Google My Business is a tool that enables you to manage and optimize your Business Profile on Google. 

Importance of a Business Profile 

For Google My Business to work as an effective SEO and lead generation tool, one needs a business profile on Google with management and editing capabilities. A Google My Business account is necessary to manage a business profile on Google. A Google My Business account is the only means by which you can claim ownership of your business profile and attain its management rights. It is also needed to get any additional features for the account to increase visibility on Google. Features like incorporating category and description of your business on the Business Profile, reviews and photos, factual and subjective attributes, questions, answers, and more play a key role in building a good business profile.   

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Primarily, a Business Profile is Google’s term for a business listing. It is the profile that appears on the local results and the maps sections of a Google Search. For the creation of a Business profile, Google requires a business name, location, and a category. Google then proceeds to get confirmation on this data and checks for any duplicates following which it creates a Business Profile for that particular location.  

Once the Business Profile is open to consumers, they can leave reviews, ask questions, submit answers and even add photos. Google also extracts information available across the web to add to your Business Profile. Regardless of the creative ownership of the business profile, one does not have the ability to manage the information it displays and the reviews it collects. A Business Profile can exist on its own, apart from the Google My Business accounts. At this stage Google My Business plays a vital role in accessing, managing, customizing, and enhancing a Business Profile on Google. 

Google My Business – A local marketing tool 

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Google My Business is crucial for local marketing as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are a few core ways in which one can enhance a business profile on Google by making Google My Business a local marketing tool. Engaging with consumers by responding to their reviews and questions helps. Publishing posts on the Business Profile and enabling direct messages allows consumers to connect with your business, establishing a cordial relationship.  

Local SEO can be defined as 'the strategies that help your business increase visibility in local search results. Type any search into Google right now, and there’s a good chance you’ll see the power and importance of local SEO in action.' Google wants to feed you relevant information and uses your location as a great way to sift through the crowded internet to find search results in your community Performing local SEO by including keywords, other optimizations like adding a link to the business website, products, pricing, work hours, and other attributes help in making your Business Profile unique and help in ranking better on local results. Insights on local searches and audiences can be tracked using Google My Business. One can look at the analytical breakdown of the clicks received on the listing, uploaded photos, etc., and can track the performance of the Business Profile. 

There are essentially three factors that determine how your business will rank locally:  

  • Distance: The distance of the searcher from your business. 

  • Prominence: How well-known your business is. 

  • Relevance: The degree to which your business matches a searcher’s intent. 

Google My Business as an SEO tool 

Google My Business can be used as a tool for SEO as well. Google Business Profiles are always changing. Not only will they alter form depending on the platform, but Google will also prioritize areas of your profile based on the terms that were searched as well as the type of information that consumers in your category value the most.  

Even better, Google will highlight keywords in your profile's content that seems important. While optimizing anything for Google, it essentially narrows down to targeting, quality of information and trust. It is important to target your information well by incorporating relevant keywords on the Business Profile and the content present on it like the answers, descriptions, replies to the reviews, etc. to help the profile rank better.  

It is key to maintain the quality and authenticity of the information provided on the Business profile. The completeness and accuracy of your Business Profile have an impact on ranking, so make sure to fill out every section with the correct information. Accurate and updated information as a business grows is extremely vital to the profile’s evolution. Regular replies and responses to reviews also notify Google that you have an active Business Profile. 

The Change of the Digital Landscape 

With the growing demand for a more digitally aware directory, Google My Business was designed to link businesses with local consumers. Assisting in the growth of online marketing and consumer shopping habits. Google My Business has helped create an impact in the digital ecosystem by connecting a business owner and consumer in the least amount of time.  

A free tool that helps a business gain more visibility to a larger audience is definitely one of the primary needs of a business. It helps create a great first impression for a new consumer and lets them connect with the business directly. By submitting photos and videos of your company or product to Google My Business, you may also assist and engage clients visually. You'll be able to set client expectations for what you provide. It has proven beneficial to understand customer insights.  

Change in the Digital Landscape

Google My Business is an efficient tool necessary to optimize any Business Profile for growth in the local markets. Investing the right time and quality of the information in it will yield great outcomes for the smallest and largest of businesses. Merkle Sokrati has been a key factor in driving the digital sphere in Google’s continuous expansion of online features for consumers and businesses must be taken advantage of. To grow in a digital spectrum, one needs to adapt to the effortlessly growing industry of data and information as well as digital management tools and services. Contributing to multiple brands and business growth in the digital spectrum, Merkle has proven to be a complete achiever in this regard.