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Evolution of Google Analytics to GA 4.

Customers are an integral part of business & growth. 

Today customers use both the Web & App across multiple devices.

GA 4

But how do you successfully measure these interactions in order to adapt quickly to their purchase habits and maximize your marketing budget efficiently?

With Google Analytics, the next generation capabilities provide unprecedented visibility into the customer journey as they traverse across multiple devices & touch points. 

All of this is made possible by GA’s new App+Web property type.  

We at Merkle sokrati can help you discover the what, why & how of this property in just 6 steps.

1. So, how is the New Google Analytics different?

The new generation of GA has many exciting features.

1)Machine learning powered insights: making it easy for clients to act based on Machine learning Insights.

2) Customer Centric: Analyse behaviour across devices.

3) Durability: By investing in GA4 you are really investing in a product that will last for long term.

GA4 has an intuitive event-focused data model that provides greater flexibility by allowing you to collect up to 500 different types of events. This helps you dive into deeper insights beyond just pageviews & sessions.

GA 4 img 2

2. How does GA4 use Machine Learning for smarter insights to improve marketing decisions & Return on Ad-Spends?

GA new properties also deliver more robust reporting capabilities to help optimize your marketing budget and better understand your user behaviour. It is designed with more simplicity and powerful to use.

1) Automated Insights: Machine learning looks across all your important KPI and highlights significant changes; followed by surfacing it on the home screen.

GA 4 img 3

2) New class of Data: It’s very exciting to see GA4 introduce a new class which allows us to predict metrics. This helps charmingly in predicting user-behavior.

GA 4 img 4

You can use these signals with audiences & conversions to act. Know your customer when he is going to churn and negate him in your Ad campaign or bid high for customers who are likely to make a purchase.

3. But what if marketers want to find their own insights in GA? How does someone bring their special sauce to GA4 property Type?

As the saying goes - Less is More!!!

With enhanced measurement, you now can automatically measure interactions on your suite & collect data from on-page elements & video engagement without code changes or having to make manual changes to your site or mobile applications.

GA 4 img 5

GA4 Is different from UA which has almost 150 reports accessible from left navigation. GA-4’s simplicity helps analysts uphold the customer-first approach while making reports & sharing access. (this ease is unlikely to be observed in universal analytics property-type)


Ecommerce has always been a large investment area for google analytics and continues to be true for GA4.

The enhanced, free & flexible reporting allows you to customize reports and provide the ability to slice and dice data by events, dimensions, conversion, users and other relevant metrics that adds better value to your business.

GA 4 img 6


Therefore, we can be more expressive in terms of data that’s being collected. This allows clients to be more specific, leverage increased categories and describe the transactions granularly, unlike universal analytics.

5. Coming up next in GA-4

Customization feature. 
- A broader integration with YouTube. Voila... we can now track EVC (engage view conversions in GA4 property)

GA 4 img 7

- Product integration with GMP. 
Some of the exciting features will be GA4 – 360 version where users can have access to additional features like real time big query, intra- day big query export and higher limits.

6) How do we get started today?

It's always easy to get started with Google analytics. With GA4 it's even easier.

If you are a user of universal analytics, just jump in the admin section of your property and you'll find an upgrade. 

Or if you are starting fresh with GA simply create a new account, that will create a GA4 property for you. 

Add the measurement code on the header of every page and as soon as you do the data will start flowing and you are able to dive in all the great possibilities & capabilities


Data helps you listen more to your customers. We hope this was helpful.

Merkle Sokrati offers Analytics Solutions, so if you would like to learn more, please contact us if you are concerned about your Google Analytics account, we can perform a full Google Analytics Audit.

Image sources: google dashboards