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Development Platform: Firebase 101 

Today's market is brimming with server-side technologies that will make it simple to get started. Developers no longer need to set up a server on their own; instead, the service provider will provide them with a basic setup by default. Previously, setting up a server was a tedious task and maintaining it was even more complex, but now, various server-side languages make it all easier. 

A supporting development platform must have a mobile-specific development focus, a front-end mobile development tools for UI/UX creation, a back-end development tools for data services, tools for mobile application testing, a software developer’s kit with additional tools for actions such as collaboration, debugging, or code analysis. With these supporting features, the development platform qualifies to be used in our solution process.  

What is Google Firebase? 

Google Firebase is a mobile application development platform that includes features for creating, managing, and enhancing applications which best fits our requirements. 

Google Firebase is a backend tool for developing high-performance and scalable web and mobile apps at a low cost, time, and effort. Firebase seeks to address three major issues for developers: 

  1. Quickly create an app 

  1. Confidently release and monitor an app 

  1. Engage users 

Developers who use this platform gain access to services that they would otherwise have to develop themselves, allowing them to focus on delivering robust application experiences. 

Databases, authentication, push messages, analytics, file storage, and many other features distinguish the Google Firebase platform. Because the services are hosted in the cloud, developers can smoothly perform on-demand scaling.  

Firebase services review: 

When you visit the product page, you will notice that Firebase has three types of services available for the customer's applications. These are classified as app development services, quality assurance services, and business growth tools. 

The core services are in the section titled "Build your App." Let's take a closer look at these items: 

Firebase Services Altexsoft


Why choose Firebase? 

There are numerous reasons to use Firebase. Here are some of the reasons listed below.  

  1. It is a serverless application: Firebase has a serverless architecture that requires users to pay based on requests, with no need to manage or be concerned about server infrastructure. Taking a hands-on approach to DevOps, setup, infrastructure, and capacity planning gives developers more freedom. 
  2. Seamless with Google Cloud Services: Firebase is now a part of the Google Cloud Platform, works seamlessly with other Google Cloud services, and integrates with a wide range of third-party services. 
  3. Stability and Improvement: Firebase allows us to test app performance based on human behaviour with the app and generate a detailed report so we can improve our code and performance. 
  4. Crashlytics: Crashlytics will offer a service for analyzing and tracking app crashes, as well as generating a full detailed report with crash events and flow. Developers can use the reports to fix bugs and improve features and usability. Previously, firebase's own firebase crash reporting provided this service. 
  5. Admob: Firebase also plays a significant role in generating revenue through Admob. AdMob is now integrated into the Firebase platform. All reports and statistics are generated in this location. AdMob integration has become simple and well documented. 
  6. Real-time database Firebase: Google Firebase Realtime Database is the company's first service. JSON is used to store data in the Firebase realtime database. The database allows clients and the database to communicate in multiple directions at the same time. It is the same type of web socket concept that ensures that any changes to the data are reflected in real time to all connected clients in no time. 

Authentication and Hosting: 

Firebase Authentication is a Google Authentication feature designed specifically for apps that use Firebase. It enables you to use pre-built or custom user interfaces for user authentication, as well as login users using custom credentials, emails, or social media. 

Service of hosting. You will require hosting if you are developing a web-app, progressive web app, or mobile landing page. Firebase provides static web hosting for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based applications. In terms of security, it delivers files and other types of data using standard HTTPS and SSL protocols. 

Configurations and supportive improvements: 

  1. Cloud Messaging: Cloud Messaging is a messaging service that allows you to send notifications from the server to user devices. You can tailor the messages you send to specific groups of people based on subscriptions, behaviour patterns, profile settings, and so on. Cloud messaging is integrated into Firebase Google Analytics, allowing you to track mailing results and configure messaging without coding. 
  2. Dynamic Links: When your product is available on multiple platforms, it is difficult to predict where a user will look for a specific piece of content. Assume a user is browsing your web app and looking for a specific item. After a few clicks, he leaves some personal information but decides to use your mobile application the next time. Because a newly installed app will necessitate a bounce rate, you may encounter it here. 
  3. Remote Config: This tool suggests a convenient way to update your application without having to republish it. For example, this could be a colour scheme change or content updates throughout the app. 
  4. Firebase Prediction: Prediction service is a machine learning extension that uses your analytical data to define user groups and provide you with insights into potential user groups. This will assist you in predicting potential churn or conversion rates, calculating revenue, and increasing user retention. 
  5. Firebase A/B testing: It is a tool for running A/B tests in marketing experiments. Because all of the services are linked to Google Analytics, you can instantly measure the results of tests and determine whether they are even relevant to your users. For the time being, this service is only in beta. 
  6. In-app messaging: This tool will assist you in sending targeted and personalized messages to users who frequently use your app. Essentially, it is a targeting tool that assists you in persuading users to complete required actions within the app. Although in-app messaging is still in beta, it can already be used in conjunction with Google Analytics and Firebase Predictions to conduct smart targeting. 


The acquisition of Firebase by Google was intended to increase the value and worth of Firebase's capabilities. Furthermore, the features mentioned above are only a few of the most important ones. Firebase is one of the best suitable platforms for developing smarter applications, as evidenced by its features. 

At Merkle Sokrati, we provide a holistic approach in understanding your requirements and connecting them with the best possible measures. We are happy to provide you services like Data Management Platforms, Analytics Platforms, Web Personalization Platforms, Tag management services etc.   

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