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5 Reasons to Advertise your B2B Brand on LinkedIn in 2022

B2B (Business to Business ) Marketing is gaining a lot of attention and traction due to its focused and all-business nature. Most businesses today are looking for strategic tie-ups or lateral partnerships across the value chain that strengthen their market competitiveness. In such an evolving landscape, B2B marketing can be quite complex & challenging. In the post-pandemic world, marketing professionals have adapted to businesses demanding a strong and productive digital presence that yields not just leads, but fosters meaningful partnerships and networking opportunities as well. The numbers say it all! 

According to Statista, 10.84 billion dollars were spent in Business-to-Business (B2B) digital advertising in the US alone. And, it is projected that the figure will grow by 14.57 billion dollars by 2023. There are several platforms & methods out there that help companies achieve their marketing goals. But, which one delivers the best ROI for B2B marketers?

B2B Ads Linkedin


Whether you are trying to increase your brand awareness, improve website traffic or even generate pure B2B leads, LinkedIn is the go-to platform. In 19 years, it has grown from a mere networking platform to a strong force to conduct business-related conversations in the advertising world. With more than 810 million professionals worldwide on LinkedIn, it has become the fundamental platform for all B2B marketing activities. LinkedIn is a pure lead goldmine if you know the right way to reach your target audience. 

Why should you consider Advertising on LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is an investment if you know how to target the right audience at the right time with the right message. Any brand can reach its set objective at a reasonably low spend & outrank its competitors through the right techniques.  

Here are 5 reasons a B2B brand should advertise on LinkedIn: 
  1. Precision Targeting for B2B: With such a huge pool of 810 million users globally, one can target audiences through demographics, interests, custom audiences, lookalikes & interests which is very similar to targeting options provided by other advertising platforms. What makes LinkedIn better than the rest is the precision with which you can target your B2B audience? With specialist searches like Job Titles, Seniority, Company, Industry, Skills, and Job Function, LinkedIn allows you to reach out to key decision-makers who are responsible for purchasing products and services. 

  2. Content & Context: Every Business Owner and Marketer is aware of the importance of content and the right context. Content is still the king & context is still the queen. In the same way, every B2B marketer understands the challenge of converting a prospect into a lead. Getting a lead into the funnel early using content assets like whitepapers, reports, webinars, guides, cheat sheets, or value-added content in the form of downloadable assets is extremely beneficial so, when they are ready to spend huge on a piece of software that you provide as a solution, they will consider your brand as a familiar voice that caters to their business.  

  3. Account-based Marketing: With precision targeting available on LinkedIn, it is super easy to hyper-segment key accounts and target them aggressively with personalized messaging. Through a collaboration between your brand’s sales & CRM team or a 3rd party data management & activation partner, you can build a list of accounts & attributes that you want to target, create a personalized marketing strategy & messaging and accelerate their journey through the funnel. 

  1. Influencer Targeting: In today's world, a corporate decision-maker is smarter & careful while purchasing. In fact, 92% of people trust their peers with brands & businesses. In B2B, the impact of referrals, product reviews, word of mouth, and influencer endorsement is more crucial as the stakes are higher compared to B2C. But how do you identify influencers on LinkedIn? Well, they are right in front of you. For instance, if you are a SaaS company and sell software, the engineers in your target companies are the ones that will be using it. With LinkedIn Ads, you could target them in the upper funnel in addition to targeting decision-makers. 

  2. Ad formats: LinkedIn offers various ad formats like Sponsored Ads (single-image ad, carousel-image ad, video ad), Text ads, spotlight ads, conversation ad & event ads. Which one should you use? Well, it totally depends on what's your objective and how much ad budget you have. The most popular amongst the lot are sponsored ads, that are displayed directly into the feed and look like an organic post with a CTA button and a nice catchy image & headline. No doubt, it produces the highest CTR among all the ad types. And then, we have message Ads which are a little costly but worth a try for any business. With this, you can deliver a targeted message (with no character limit) with a CTA, banner image & even a lead gen form to your prospects when THEY ARE ACTIVE. Yes, you read that right.

LinkedIn Ads

Whether big or small, your B2B business has a huge potential to grow through paid advertising on LinkedIn. Reach the people that matter, engage them through persuading content, give them a customer-centric journey through sales funnel & finally convert. 

Now that you know why LinkedIn is for B2B, it's time to put your marketing efforts into LinkedIn and achieve your short & long-term objectives. 

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Happy Marketing, Happy growing!