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10 Content Marketing Strategies to Stay on Top of in 2022

Some new revised and unique content trends in SEO will continue to be popular in 2022. Staying alert to the potential of these trends can make a huge difference concerning how one can reach current and potential customers. Content marketing is vital to dominate in the SERP, more so in 2022.

1. Better Content Experiences  

Quality content is the foundation of effective SEO. Without quality content, unique features like backlinks, keywords, and captivating copywriting are impossible. As an SEO expert, you will do anything to get a top ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). However, if your content does not add enough value to your audience or is not relevant to a specific keyword, it will be ranked lower.   

The content plays an important role in the process as long as the quality is assured. Besides, there are several benefits of high-quality content in making a successful web presence.  

How does high-quality content benefit SEO 
•    Generates High CTR 

Create relevant, quality, and substantial content for your users and increase the chances of getting better rankings on search engines. Google considers factors like the clickthrough rate (CTR) of your website. But, it's the number of clicks your website receives divided by the number of ad impressions served up to your site.  

•    Generate Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are the best type of organic link because it shows other websites' traffic coming to your own site. The quality of your backlinks will help you rank higher in search engines indicating credibility, which is essential for conversions, sales, and customer trust.   

The more quality backlinks you have heading into your site, the higher your site will be ranked in search results.  

•    Incorporate Keywords

Content is where the magic happens. It's vital to remember that your goal isn't just to get people to click on a link and exit your site. It is to make your customers engage in your website and let them know what you are doing. Incorporating keywords in your content makes your website visible to customers so that they know your existence.   

•    Provides a Great User Experience - SEO    

Consider hiring an SEO expert/agency to improve usability, user experience, and search engine rankings. Content helps you create a great user experience by creating trust and encouraging users to take action. Make a worthy impression!      

2. What can a content marketing agency do to enhance customer experience?    

For 2022, the SEO content strategy focuses on a cohesive structure that ties the overall parts into a whole. Such a trend necessitates you to become an essential part of the customer's world through consistent and engaging interactions and content, boosting customer loyalty and the overall brand image.    

A content marketing agency must spend a lot of time researching, planning, and implementing the new content marketing experience for the audience. This mindset allows brands to focus on a better audience content experience, leading to more time spent in the planning stage. This is followed by the content marketing agency hiring content creators, strategists, and editors.    

Customer experience is necessary for a successful digital content strategy is no secret. One needs to stay up to date regarding what the target audience needs and prefers. At the same time, customers' preferences change regarding content type and the presentation of the form of this content.  

3. SEO boost-up through an increase in Interactive Content    

In today's ever-evolving digital world, engaging consumers via digital content is key to increasing awareness and boosting engagement. Content that engages with customers improves their experience; interactive content is the best way to achieve this! Content marketing allows marketers to target individuals and brands with personalized, high-quality information.    

Benefits of interactive content
  1. It can engage with customers: As a brand, being able to create unique content is essential for establishing trust with your customers and driving sales. Trying out new types of content can be a great way of mixing things up...and attracting new viewers to your site.  

  2. Gain all their attention: Interactive content is designed to promote audience engagement by letting readers hear, touch, see and interact with your marketing messages at the simplest or most complex level.   
    Slideshows, image galleries, and videos --- by using appealing, quick-to-consume content, you can keep users on your website for longer periods. This makes a significant difference in how Google ranks your website, putting you higher up in the search results and improving your visibility. With better visibility comes more leads and, ultimately, more business!  

  3. Keep their attention on the website for long: How about something engaging that can help educate your customers or have them self-select a product to match their needs? Customers find interactive content easy to engage and thus, it increases their chances of becoming loyal customers.    

  4. Improve preference for one's brand: Want to increase trust and awareness around your product or service? Try interactive assessment of your consumers. They prefer to have recommendations personalized to their unique needs, concerns and situation - and they're more likely to purchase products recommended this way.  

  5. Increase the rate of conversion: Depending upon the consumers' answers to the interactive content, segment them into different groups and send them personalized emails that are highly relevant to them. By doing so, you can increase the rate of conversions to a great extent.  
     Interactive content is designed to be engaging, giving your visitors a reason to stay on your website longer and providing more personal data that you can use to personalize future communications.  

This kind of content strategy allows one to have an interactive content guide.   

4. Types of interactive content that can be used for Content Marketing

•    Interactive Infographics

Content can be repurposed through interactive forms of infographics. Several brands are often hesitant to increase the use of interactive content while being ignorant of the several tools which enable us to create effective and interactive content with ease. For example, Ion Interactive which is an interactive platform to make creative content at scale has a lot of templates for customization that do not even need any code, designers, or developers.    

Feel free to add them to the landing pages to make them more informative and engaging – this, in turn, leads to higher success in capturing all the leads. This can utilize it in different kinds of interactive eBooks, animations, reports, and guides.  

An increase in interactive content is a much-needed part of strategizing content marketing in 2022 to optimize SEO content audits. These interactive contents need to be suitable for the various phases manifest in the buyer's journey. This leads to the audience having the necessary interest and motivation to remain longer on the web page.   

•    Interactive Videos  

Create a video that is no longer recorded from a two-dimensional perspective but rendered in 3D with immersive sound and movement, making for a more engaging presentation. Finally, make all of your content available on any device, anywhere in the world--no matter the screen size.  

•    Quizzes 

The popularity of interactive quizzes and polls on different platforms can work to the advantage – this seems engaging for the users in question while also providing one with information regarding potential buyers. As this kind of content with interactive angles is popular, incorporating the more engaging content strategy has more manners.    

•    Marketing Using Metaverse 

The buzzwords around the possibilities of metaverse technology are starting to gain traction, but what does it mean for content marketing?  

Virtual reality (VR) is a way to engage your prospects and customers in new and more effective ways. The metaverse gives marketers a new platform for delivering all kinds of content – from 3D meeting environments to videos about upcoming products to product demos – providing a truly immersive experience for users.   

Imagine the endless possibilities! Businesses B2B and B2C can create nearly undetectable virtual information kiosks in an environment that inform shoppers and clients with real-time, up-to-the-minute information.     

Content Marketing

5. Shift towards More Empathetic and Interactive Content Marketing

What is empathy content? This empathetic marketing can allow one to put themselves in another person's shoes to see life through their perspective. It's not about being "nice," but instead showcasing a genuine interest in your audience.   

The ability to empathize with the consumer is a skill worth developing because it can affect everything, from your ability to craft high-quality content right through to how you manage your team.  

Benefits of empathetic content strategy
  • Through empathetic b2b content marketing services, industries and brands can conceptualize the world through customers' eyes and then use what one finds to create a content strategy to meet the needs and wants of customers.   

  • Contemporary events have led marketers to take out different approaches. This can allow customers to remain at the center of the content strategy services to work outward. This empathetic marketing helps in search engine optimization processes. This can be seen more in the 2022 approach.     

  • Such a content strategy enables one to look at the targeted audience as real human beings with their dreams and aspirations instead of simply potential buyers.   


Using empathy in SEO to get a winning content marketing strategy 

Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes is essential to creating content that connects with your target audience. And when it comes to search engine marketing, getting inside the mind of your customers and understanding what information they need is more critical than ever.  

To truly deliver the smartest content strategy, the content must have empathy. The reader should feel understood, validated, and seen on some level.    

Well, brands can take a very close look at the customers and audience to answer the following:   

  • Who are the customers who might be interested in our stuff?  

  • They might face specific challenges and points; what are they?  

  • How can they be motivated to take action?  

These questions can enable one to build helpful content that can evoke very relatable emotions in buyers. This can build trust, create a better buyer experience and develop relationships with more authenticity.  

6. How can you create empathetic and interactive content? 

Interactive content makes your users a part of the ongoing conversation. Business can be transacted anywhere these days – all you need is to bestow that sense of belongingness through efficient content marketing.  

•    Adapt and Repurpose Content: A great way to transform a piece of content into an interactive experience is to adapt it into a valuable tool for your audience. Give innovative new perspectives through — contemporary issues and infographics to your existing on-page content.  

•    Create a Community: Creating your community gives you a B2B ready-made tribe for your product or service. Maybe it's a LinkedIn group you host, a webinar series you host, or maybe it's even a podcast where you interview other experts in the same field.  

•    Think Ahead: It's not just what you know anymore; it's who you know and where they are. Consider your brand a social-media-savvy citizen in today's world. Go where the people are and make it easier to connect with you.  

7. How does video marketing improve SEO? 

Video content is rapidly becoming one of the top SEO tools for organic traffic and bringing customers to your site. YouTube is the second-largest search engine so it makes sense to utilize video content as part of your marketing strategy.   

Many marketers are jumping on board to use videos on their sites to outrank competitors. --- Here’s why?

1. Video improves the value of content for Google: Most internet users watch videos relating to a product or service they are interested in. A well-produced video has the potential to set your brand apart and help you stand out among your competitors on SERPs—and yes, it’s true: adding videos to your content can significantly improve your SEO score!    

2. Video generates traffic: It's more likely for websites displaying video content to rank on the top of Google's search results than blogs and other text-based content. It’s important to include an attractive thumbnail and a catchy title for your video to generate maximum traffic.   

3. Video improves the user experience: The modern consumer intakes information in a more educated fashion. They do extensive research on relevant topics before making a purchase. Videos have a higher influence on user feelings, increase retention, drive more leads which improves your bounce rate, thereby improving the overall search engine rankings.  

4. Video content earns backlinks: When video content features in a news article or is posted on a popular blog, you’ll probably get tons of backlinks from different websites. Any good marketing strategy will reflect a higher number of social shares and links lead to a higher ranking in search engines. In fact, statistics show that up to 46% of all site rankings are determined by shares and links.    

5. Video improves conversion rates: Engaging and relevant video content drives sales, improves brand engagement, and increases customer satisfaction. Video works for both B2B and B2C companies in just about any industry to generate more qualified leads and higher close rates.   

Benefits of Videos in Content Marketing

8. Why do we need to SEO optimize videos for content marketing?

The content on the page may be optimized, but what happens to your video after it's been posted? A well-optimized video can potentially give you a significant boost in rankings.  

- It highly depends on how well you optimize your videos for fast consumption.  

- It helps you grow your subscriber base over time.  

- It quickly turns your website or app into a live-streaming video destination for your customers, employees, and vendors.  

9. The reasons to SEO-optimize videos for content marketing

•    Improved brand reach

Videos are the most engaging content on the internet, and now they are easier to make than ever. Not only can you utilize one of the leading platforms used by most people today — Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube — you will be able to reach numerous audiences at once. Imagine that you have 2.7+ billion active users on Facebook alone.  

Suppose you want to make the most of your videos and reach the most significant number of viewers possible. In that case, you need an SEO platform to turbocharge your videos. Be in control of your SEO content strategy and rank higher on search engines.  Using short videos is an excellent online content marketing strategy to stand out and increase your brand's visibility and online presence.   

Video Short Form is undoubtedly one of these, as it serves perhaps one of the biggest trends.  

  • Such video content is short but often very informative; however, one can show respect for the viewers and make decisions in very record time.   

  • Viewers have very short spans of attention and time. Getting to a point in the least amount of time is becoming very valuable.   

•    Better connection with the target audience 

Brands now lean towards video content as the first step in content plans. Therefore, repurposing the same videos into the audio, podcast, and text formats makes sense.  

  1. Videos are often engaging and interactive, which increases the usefulness and value to customers.   

  1. These videos can allow the placing of calls to action (CTA) on the screen – as such, this can lead to higher lead generations. It also generates traffic.  

  1. Video improves user experience and behavior.  

  1. Video improves conversion rates.  

  1. Most importantly, an SEO-optimized video enhances search result visibility — thereby establishing a solid bond with many audiences.  

  1. Interactive video generates customer engagement.  

  1. Consumers can quickly and conveniently respond without opening additional tabs.  

 •    Increase in ROI  

Fifty-nine percent of the survey participants use videos in several strategies for b2b content marketing, with about 76 percent of marketers calling video their most effective content pillar. About a quarter of video marketers confirm that a content plan yields the most significant ROI.   

10. Benefits of Hybrid Sessions and Virtual Events and how it plays a crucial role in SEO

It is time to make a switch! The benefits of hybrid sessions and virtual events mean you can reach every audience, regardless of location – all while cutting costs. You also gain complete control over the schedule and content, allowing you to tailor your messages to meet your business needs.  

They combine the access and immediacy of virtual programs by leveraging the power of live sessions, webinars, and conferences with pre-event resources and post-event follow-up support.   

Hybrid events can appeal to more audience members because they are easy to attend remotely. At the same time, direct connection and interaction with speakers may increase interest, satisfaction, commitment, and engagement.  

Hybrid Sessions and Virtual Events has several crucial effects on SEO, such as: 

1. Quick and Easy Planning - just a regular document drafting suffices as a planning sketch for any virtual event. Space-consuming aspects such as physical accommodation and participation are completely out of the question now.  

2. Broader Reach & Impact – the reach is huge, across several social media and video meeting platforms.  

3. Attendance is Easy – just log in and you’re done!  

4. Long-Tail Value - With a hybrid event, you get the benefits of high-quality live learning with an interactive Q&A at the same time.  

•    Personalization and Hyper-Personalization Approaches 

Leverage the power of personalization so your customers can feel like they're at the center of the conversation. Every business and brand should have a one-on-one relationship with its customers.   

Messages can be customized to increase customer engagement, especially in email marketing campaigns. Customers can experience the standard personalization as they grow to like it and further seek out the brands that can personalize the particular buyer's journey. 

The year 2022 can see brands adding a lot more personalization efforts to their content strategy.   

  • These efforts can also continue to be helpful, such that newer trends concerning SEO optimization can appear more in this year.   

  • This trend can be hyper-personalized, which goes even deeper than simply calling customers by their name.   

  • This trend can tap into individual wants, needs, and preferences.   

This serves as a very data-driven approach. It can utilize a lot of information concerning search engine optimization as well.   

•    Artificial intelligence in writing

Looking up analytics, or data analytics serves as a beneficial and exciting way of looking at these online content marketing methods. AI is the new thing in the market and is gaining momentum.   

In 2022, artificial intelligence is likely to revamp the content writing market. The content writing market consists of marketers who consider each of the personas of their buyers. Automatons, as such, can create unique engagements with all individual buyers.   

•    Virtual engaging personal touch between buyer and brand 

One of the most underrated ways of approaching search engine optimization strategies is to create close bonds between buyers and brands. These can cater to several kinds of content created and marketed towards different products.   

There are several online content marketing strategies that your beloved brands can use to bring out the best ways of engagement.    

Several marketing channels can use strategies to eke out the best engagement out of regular SEO keywords. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon utilize such kinds of content marketing services regarding search engine optimization. Naked Wines, VI Trainer, WES, and Stitch Fix, use various hyper-personalization strategies for online content marketing services.  

Game-changing content marketing examples 

•    Coco cola — Share a coke campaign

Coke had a brilliant idea in 2011 when they decided to put the names of their consumers directly on the side of the bottle. Recently, a similar personalization marketing strategy has been made by Cadbury Dairy Milk too!  

It doesn't matter whether you are buying for yourself or someone else; Coke built an emotional connection with people by allowing them to express themselves in a simple but effective way!  

•    GoPro

GoPro cameras are built for action --- underwater to the highest peaks, the users get to share their adventures with the whole world. A thread of real-life adventurous selfies by the users creates a passionate effect on the consumers, therefore is one of the best ways of real-life utilitarian product advertisements.  

Go Pro Marketing Strategy

•    Spotify — Wrapped

Spotify’s free auto-generated playlists exclusively made as per individual listening preferences is another effective example of personalization.   

The recent most Spotify year-end Wrapped (started in 2017) offers the regular listeners exclusive pre-recorded video snippets with warm greetings from their most-streamed artists. Each artist records one greetings message (implying a sense of the direct personal link between the artist and the listener) and Spotify shows it exclusively to that particular artist’s regular streamers as a form of reward. With Spotify Wrapped, please find out how listening habits intersect with moments in people's lives and tell us what this data means to you.  

•    Apple — Shot On an iPhone campaign   

Apple has the best example of user-driven content. The "Shot on an iPhone" campaign illustrates how great photography is all around us every day. The brand understands your share of creativity with the world and therefore has brand involvement as part of that journey.  

The best part is that the brand exhibits its brand value with pictures taken by customers. Possibly one of the best one-to-one brand-customer personal links! Even mid-range luxury phone brands like OnePlus has a similar campaign named "Shot on OnePlus."  


In 2022, SEO will have evolved into an omnipotent Internet marketing force that you cannot ignore. However, SEO will still boil down to the same basic principles of writing useful content and networking with bloggers and journalists. As long as your strategies employ up-to-date practices, you’ll be able to adapt to changing trends and regulations with ease.   

SEO content marketing strategies will evolve to enter new markets with new rules for ranking. In designing the campaigns moving forward, look forward to adapting to them with new modes of thinking. These SEO content marketing strategies depend on proven SEO practices, but new insights from technological trends will provide a unique spin on the subject.