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Mobile Growth Knowledge Series - App Store Optimization Webinar

The secret weapon to optimize your app for higher ranking in the search results

Increase your App's visibility & downloads

App store optimization (ASO) is the secret weapon that can help you optimize your apps to rank higher in the search results. With more than 6 million apps, getting your app discovered is one of the biggest issues facing mobile app publishers today. Users often look for the top apps in the App Store, so achieving a top-ranking position in the app store can be crucial for your app success. Organic app installs are a sustainable and cost-effective way to get relevant users to download the app. Apple & Android release timely updates to ensure data privacy and app credibility.

Therefore, understanding ASO is crucial. In this 30-minute webinar, experts from Merkle Sokrati and Branch will help you better understand ASO and share some tips on how to make the most of it.

Meet The Presenters

Sr. Manager - Business Strategy
Solution Engineer - Branch

What will you learn?

  1. The major factors that affect an App’s ranking and visibility.  App downloads and review’s importance in the user journey.
  2. Video content is in trend, now more than ever, learn how videos can have a positive effect on your Apple and Play store strategies and how Smart Banners can be leveraged to retain users and gain new users.
  3. Taking advantage of in-App events can level up your campaign strategies, dive deep into customer behaviour and their navigation towards your App to optimize your user journey.
  4. The recent privacy driven changes in iOS and Android are having a major impact on marketing journeys, get to know how you can get an edge over your competitors and win your users.
  5. How can your brand streamline web to app journey? iOS 15’s privacy change’s impact on the industry and the right way to leverage it for your brand.

Key Notes

A.  App Store Optimization’ Significance
ASO has quickly demonstrated its importance within marketers and developers. ASO is a must, regardless of the industry.  You are one strategic approach away from proving your app the importance it deserves!

B.  Apple Store’s Changes
Apple Store made 2 major changes for developers, as can now customize their product pages.

  1. Allows split-testing of up to three different variants of various app assets.
  2. Unique URLs that link directly to up to 35 different versions of a product page, each of which can be extensively customized.

C.  iOS 15 Privacy for Users
Apple is using technical solutions like Private Relay as the primary tool to shift the industry toward their long-term data privacy goals and is only deploying policy enforcement.  Apple-designed Private Relay which comprises multiple layers of privacy protection, so that only the user's own device knows all the information. Private Relay impacts user experience functionality such as deferred deep linking, because of the lack of IP address in the link. 

D.  ASO Must-Haves
Branch's new feature Native Link is a on-device solution designed to bridge the gap between the click and app install, even in the presence of Private Relay. It is never too late to put your A game at ASO, with the right tools and dashboards your App’s performance and user journey can be optimized on time, alongside the ongoing App Store updates.

Still have question? We're here to help.

The ranking factors differ in operation systems i.e iOS and Android and not with respect to the platform i.e Mobile or Desktop.
2 major KPI’s, first CTR and second conversion rate to install. The percentage of visitors to the number of app downloads, because A/B testing usually occurs on the visuals of the app.
Yes, smart banners are available for iOS and Android.
The different terms used are terms localization and internationalization. Seasonal changes can be made through localization while internationalization refers to the technical structure of the app, which can translate to a different language and then can be used in different countries. Although that is not possible with localization.
The app icon should be attractive and eye-catchy, try to use a simple logo and avoid adding text to the app icon because it will reduce the readability. Instead, use visual elements which are easily understandable.  It also depends on how well you position your app in your app category.
In-App events because getting users to download your app is one aspect and making them stay on it is another challenge.  Try to optimize user journeys and track and monitor in-app events.
– Yes. The app store decides the level of competitiveness of an app depending on its category.
You can conduct ab testing for the journeys banner that was shown by Harsh, but that is on Mweb, with iOS 15, the features that are launched by the App Store.
There are 2 types of rankings, category wise ranking & featured ranking. iOS has an update where they are showing events in the explore section itself. For ratings and reviews, the no. of downloads, the App store decides the explore section depending
PWA stands for Progressive Web App, when trying to build your brand its necessary to be available on all platforms. Being present provides dual benefits, PWA comes with its own benefits.
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