The challenge

Before we carried out the analysis, we first carried out a comprehensive audit of Watchfinder's GA audit, to ensure everything was A-OK. This included an overhaul of ecommerce tracking, the creation of new goals and full redeployment of new asynchronous script with cross-domain functionality.


increase in 'Make an Offer' conversion rate


increase in 'Source a Watch ' conversion rate


increase in 'POA Quote' conversion rate


'Contact Us' conversion rate

The approach

We used advanced segments to build up a picture of how the behaviour of visitors with no prior knowledge of the Watchfinder brand differed from those who were already familiar with it. We looked at site usage, goal and ecommerce statistics and spotted that certain subsets of uninitiated visitors were failing to engage adequately with the site. We hypothesised that because Watchfinder was set up by watch experts for watch experts, novice users were finding it difficult to get started!

Instead of searching by brand or model, novices may shop differently, for example by gender, price, colour, strap material or face style. With this in mind, we developed and unleashed “the Giftfinder."

After a detailed audit and consultation, Merkle delivered a full and accurate GA implementation on We now have structured departmental reporting delivering KPI’s to all members of staff.

Gary Robery

Digital Marketing Manager, Watchfinder

The outcome

Using Google Analytics, it was easy to see the effect of Giftfinder. For visitors interacting with the Giftfinder, pages per visit increased 136% and time on site increased 168%.

Even better than that, actual online purchases increased for sessions with Giftfinder interactions - with an increase in conversion rate of 350%.

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