UScellular wanted to improve its customers’ experiences, especially on the mobile app. Learn how Merkle used data from Google Analytics to help move UScellular’s app rating from a 2.1 to more than 4 stars.

2 Stars

increase in app rating in one year


app conversion rate year over year


increase in plan changes, a key action, year over year


increase in monthly app sessions

The challenge

In late 2020, UScellular was looking for ways to improve its customer experience, partnering with us to reorient the organization toward data-centered decisions. One high-priority area in this reorientation was the mobile app. Internally, UScellular set an ambitious goal: achieve an app rating above 4 stars within 6 months of the project kick off, which would indicate that users were having positive experiences.

The approach

There were several key steps UScellular and M|CP took to make data-driven app optimizations.

  • Validating that the data was accurate and relevant: M|CP took a close look at the metrics that UScellular was using to evaluate its digital practice, evaluating each metric to understand its connection to desired business outcomes.
  • Evolving the measurement framework: M|CP used the KPIs that passed validation to create a new measurement framework and monthly scorecard for the app to assess progress toward the 4-star goal over time.
  • Assessing the end-to-end app experience: M|CP used Google Analytics data to identify points of friction in the app. This exercise uncovered the login process, bill payments, and plan changes as recommended focal areas.
  • Collaborating on the data-first approach: After UScellular deployed app updates, they worked hand-in-hand with M|CP to identify what needed to be tracked within the redesigned app experience, design and deploy data collection, and start measuring results.
  • Iterating and communicating frequently: UScellular and M|CP’s collaborative efforts included biweekly meetings as part of M|CP’s serial analysis program to analyze app performance and make decisions around how to continue optimizing.
Shifting to a data-first mindset was a big change for our organization. Having Merkle kick off that journey with data at the center was just the momentum we needed to jump start the project.

Diane Matulis

Director of Digital Performance, UScellular

The outcome

UScellular’s data-centric approach to app optimization generated strong results.

Beyond the quantifiable wins, the frequent conversations about app performance have also helped the UScellular team advance on its path toward a data-centric organizational culture

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