Ted Baker’s brand marketing team wanted to increase in-store data capture as part of a drive to improve knowledge of the brand’s customer base, communication and targeting, with the ultimate aim of increasing relevancy, sales and engagement.


boost in online sales month-on-month


increase in in-store data capture

The challenge

Previously, Ted Baker was collecting data from all stores in Excel spreadsheet software and using BusinessObjects to report on sales. What the marketing team needed was the ability to see which customers were making purchases. With this insight, they would then be able to recruit more customers.

The marketing team faced the challenge of getting sales assistants and store managers on board so that they could understand the benefits of collecting customer information, even if it did not necessarily impact on their own sales targets.

The approach

We began working with Ted Baker to implement a reporting suite, driven by the QlikView Business Discovery solution. Due to our longstanding partnership, QlikView was the only solution Ted Baker considered. We delivered this quickly over a period of 12 weeks, from initial discussions to live deployment. We provided two different reporting flavours – Rolling Data Report (RDR), which is a simple in-store data collection report, and Reporting Studio - a more complex tool that analyses everything from customer demographics to sales and email campaigns.

The RDR works with 'TedsNewBestFriend' - a programme that incentivises sales assistants to capture customer data in store. Customers can sign up to marketing communications by completing a form. Store managers enter the data directly into the database through a web portal.

Sales assistants have sign-up targets and we provide weekly reports, pulled directly from the RDR, allowing area managers to rank the stores’ data capture performance, monitor compliance and measure new customer acquisition.

QlikView Business Discovery draws on any form of data from multiple or disparate data sources and analyses these through customised applications and dashboards. Outcomes are presented via easy to use graphical interfaces. From a Ted Baker user perspective this translates data into knowledge and customer insight.

The wealth of data we now have on our customers through QlikView has changed the way we develop and run our marketing communications.

Craig Smith

Brand Communication Director, Ted Baker

The outcome

QlikView works for Ted Baker through its agility, flexibility and mobility. It has increased workplace collaboration between colleagues and allows Ted Baker to make informed decisions in near real time—a vital element in today’s consumer-driven retail marketplace.

Campaign results demonstrate the value of QlikView Business Discovery software to Ted Baker. The Ted Baker UK shopping event generated 17,237 discount code downloads, profiles for 16,330 new customers for its marketing database, and contributed to an increase in on-line sales by nearly 50 per cent for that month, versus the previous month. The Ted Baker Halloween competition generated 980 entries, resulting in 959 new customer profiles for its marketing database.

Using QlikView Business Discovery, Ted Baker now has a single customer view and the ability to perform comprehensive analysis and reporting of data on over 1.2 million shoppers and prospective customers, delivering unprecedented insight into their profiles and spending behaviour. These customers are then segmented, and focused engagement is performed through ongoing marketing communications including online competitions and customer events.

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