Currys previous marketing campaign setup had not been upgraded for a while, meaning that there were often operational inefficiencies. Through the technical challenges of their current system, Currys marketing involved heavy manual processes, meaning significant overtime was spent trying to work with the system they had.


decrease in cost to serve messages


increase in engagement


increase in conversion YoY


increase in CRM Revenue YoY

The challenge

Currys business goals were to stabilise the system and automate daily tasks to increase their team’s capacity to connect with customers at the right time with the right content.

The approach

Using AEC solutions meant that Currys triggered campaigns are scalable. This meant they could move from around 40 to over 200 campaigns. These campaigns were triggered to talk to the customer at the right time, using data calculations on the fly to identify what type of customer they are and then as the email is deploying, matching them to the right content using Moveable Ink.

Currys were also able to move their Abandon Basket into BAU activity and hyper personalise customers’ experience with products, timers, and cross-sell products and combined this with their industry-first personalised AI subject lines.

The outcome

The efficiencies driven with Merkle partnership allowed Currys to increase the number of campaigns from 40 to 200, and trigger messages reducing the cost to serve by 25%. With the AEC solutions, Currys moved effective propriety use of internal data which was specifically configured to work most effectively with ACC.

This work has won the following awards:

  • 2022 Data & Marketing Association: Marketing Automation (Gold winner)
  • 2022 Adobe Experience Maker Awards: The Advocate

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