The challenge

When Cath Kidston opened her first shop in Notting Hill, London, little did she know that within 20 years her company would become a retail powerhouse. With the brand's popularity continuing to grow, the well-known retailer sought our expertise to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase overall revenue
  • Attain an ROI of £10.60 : £1 over the Christmas season


Increase in revenue


Increase in CTR


Decrease in CPC


Increase in ROI (attained ROI of £18.70 : £1 – 76% above target!)

The approach

When we took over Cath Kidston's PPC account, we identified several issues which were hindering the brand's performance. Namely, broad match keywords were eating up a large amount of the brand's spend and driving very few conversions. We removed all broad match keywords and built out the account to include Product and Brand ad groups.

In addition to this, individual ad groups were set up for each of the products sold via the online Cath Kidston store. This meant that all queries, generic or highly specific, were met with relevant ads which directed the searcher to the most suitable landing page.

The outcome

Within two months of taking over the account, we had increased click through rate (CTR) by 200% and lowered average cost per click (CPC) by 40%!

In addition to this, when comparing YOY December results, we achieved the following with just an 8% increase in budget:

  • 46% increase in revenue
  • 100% increase in CTR
  • 36% decrease in CPC
  • 32% increase in ROI (attained ROI of £18.70 : £1 – 76% above target!)

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