Key Takeaways:

  • A crawl, walk, and run approach to building a solid foundation for your ABX program
  • A strong understanding of the cumulative benefits of investing in brand and demand 
  • Why companies must rethink ad measurement and optimization to realize effectiveness 
  • Actionable tips on how develop a strong business strategy and tactical approach for ABX within your organization  

Detailed Overview

Smart business leaders understand that you need both brand building and sales activation to drive growth. Research suggests that only 5% - 10% of B2B customers are in-market at any given moment. Those audiences also spend their time outside the business internet which has led to a rising tide of customer expectations for the experiences they have with brands, irrespective of industry. 

Companies that want to be leaders need to evolve their account-based marketing approach and create account-based experiences (ABX) that orchestrate the entire customer experience – from brand awareness to deal closure and beyond. 

In this session, experts from Merkle B2B will discuss how successful B2B advertising depends on your ability to look across the entire ABX ecosystem to drive brand reputation, solution demand, and customer engagement.

Our presenters