CDP & Modern Data Management for Financial Services

February 15, 2022

Key topics include:

  • How to collect the right data in real time to build powerful audiences and customer journeys 
  • What the priorities are in data management, including identity resolution, data unification and advancing capability maturity 
  • How to build a proper team and establish clear expectations, use cases, and measurement frameworks

Detailed Overview

Gaining deeper insights about customers and better anticipating their individual financial needs is a primary focus of the financial services industry. To meet the increased expectations for personalization, with the deprecation of third-party cookies looming in the horizon, the industry needs to maximize the value of their first party data, shifting to more durable identifiers, all while keep privacy and governance at the forefront.  

To address these present data challenges and operationalize their data to power in-the-moment experiences, Marketing, Analytics, and Technology executives are embracing customer data platforms (CDPs). 

Merkle - Adobe’s 2020 Delivery Quality Enterprise Solution Partner of the Year - recently released their Customer Engagement Report, which focuses on operationalizing data to power next-level experiences. Join our discussion with Carly French, Director, Marketing Technology Consultant from Merkle, and Frank Hong, VP, Marketing Platforms from T. Rowe Price as we dig deeper into Merkle’s findings and hear more about T. Rowe Price’s approach and success in leveraging a CDP.

Our presenters