What you’ll learn

Watch this on-demand session that will revolutionise the way you think about content. Content has become a game-changer, setting brands apart and captivating audiences like never before. Are you ready to tap into its immense potential and reap the rewards?

In this webinar Merkle will delve deep into the secrets of building a world-class content supply chain to supercharge your business.  Showing how we, together with ASDA embarked on a 2-year journey to transform their Content Supply Chain and highlight the lessons we learned along the way. Learn from industry leaders and discover the key to unlocking exceptional value and benefits in today's demanding and competitive landscape.

Be inspired as we explore:

  • How to create a compelling business case and gain buy-in from stakeholders to lay the foundations for success.
  • Merkle's ground-breaking five-stage content transformation framework, equipped with visionary principles that will revolutionise your content strategy.
  • Uncovering incremental value that translates into a scalable program for long-term, transformative change.
  • Transitioning to channel-agnostic, personalised experiences that leave a lasting impact on your audience, all powered by dynamic content.

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