Mumbai, May 5, 2023

Merkle Wins “Data Engineering for Good” Award at the Data Engineering Awards 2023

Merkle, dentsu’s leading data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company has been conferred the Data Engineering for Good award at The Data Engineering Awards held in Bangalore, India, on April 27. The awards recognize exceptional achievements in analytics and AI, acknowledging teams that have produced outstanding results through their innovative and creative use of data. 

Merkle earned the award for partnering with a client in the nonprofit industry who provides services in healthcare, insurance, and social security. Merkle’s integrated solution helped to incorporate complex processing logic to meet client business requirements. This allows for more efficient setup and ease of data integration with more than 800 source feeds, reduces duplication of records, and improves the performance of marketing and analytics outcomes. 

Extending his gratitude to Analytics India Magazine, Navin Dhananjaya, chief solutions officer and global CXM lead, Dentsu Global Services said, “We are extremely delighted about Merkle being recognised as the winner of Data Engineering for Good at The Data Engineering Awards 2023. The award is a testament to our growing capabilities in providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients in the nonprofit industry. It showcases our capability to deliver a complex transformation implementation project, which involved innovative solutions across multiple data engineering technology stacks; complex cloud migrations; integrations with diversified source systems and end points; and identity-based targeting solutions that re-imagine the whole digital experience for the end customer. I would also like to congratulate our team for the impeccable work in delivering a complex solution that addresses societal challenges.” 

“Winning the Data Engineering for Good award is a tremendous honour for our Merkle team, and we are grateful for the recognition from Analytics India Magazine, the leading voice of the enterprise Technology Industry,” said Ashish Khanna, global CEO, Dentsu Global Services. “This recognition motivates us to further expand our capabilities in the nonprofit space and strive for excellence in everything we do. At Merkle, we believe that success is achieved by putting customers first, and this award reaffirms our capability in integrating data and technology, and providing the best possible customer experience to all our clients. We will continue to innovate and push ourselves to new heights, always striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.”