Copenhagen, Denmark - 20 September 2023

Is there enough product design in your marketing strategy?

It’s no news to agencies working with Experience Design that highly innovative solutions are a necessity to meet customer needs in an ever-changing landscape. This knowledge has been the basis of Merkle’s work since day one, which has set the standards for the creation of Digital Product Design securing ultimate customer loyalty.

In an age where a single negative experience can cause 32% of customers to abandon a brand (PwC, 2018), understanding the significance of Digital Product Design is paramount. Businesses today can no longer afford to offer subpar products and expect customers to remain loyal. 

To counter this ever-changing landscape of customer needs Merkle is hosting a row of breakfast sessions, named Merkle Mornings, to delve into certain areas of expertise, such as AI and Product Design, highlighting new ways of working to meet customer demands. This October Merkle is hosting an exclusive event that promises to reshape your perspective on customer loyalty and elevate your understanding of Digital Product Design.

“As a designer, you’re more often at the forefront of product development. It’s where ideas start to take form, and it’s usually the first area to be reviewed and iterated. With a passion for Product Design, I’ve always found myself thriving at this exact point in the process. It has taught me to listen, adapt, and turn problems into notable opportunities for the business," Steffen Nørgaard Panum highlights. He’s a keynote speaker at the upcoming Merkle Mornings session and on a daily basis he functions as a Product Design Expert.

Across Northern Europe, the breakfast sessions will take place, starting in Copenhagen on 4 October, followed by Amsterdam on 6 October, Oslo on 10 October, and ending in Stockholm on 11 October. They will gather industry leaders, experts, and businesses to share knowledge about the transformative power of Digital Product Design and its pivotal role in enhancing business value streams.

Experience Director at Merkle Denmark, Pia Hausmann Sebell will be hosting the session along with Steffen Nørgaard Panum. Together they’ll uncover why Digital Product Design is no longer just an option but a necessity for business driving success. 

“It's time to shift the paradigm and explore how Digital Product Design can bring customers to you – taking the steering wheel to create an unforgettable and lovable customer experience that stands out in the market”, Pia Hausmann Sebell, Experience Director at Merkle Denmark, explains.

About Merkle Mornings

A Merkle Morning is an executive brief about digital transformation. Think of it as 60 minutes of carefully curated thought leadership at a central venue. Sign up and show up to enjoy coffee, croissants, and an expert keynote speaker – either from outside Merkle or from within our own ranks. This will be the second time a Merkle Mornings is held – the first session focused on how to use AI in growing your business and a third one is planned in November about B2B commerce.