London, United Kingdom, July 18, 2022

Merkle launches CXM On Demand

Merkle, dentsu’s leading technology-enabled, data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company, announces the launch of its cloud-based CXM On Demand package.

The service integrates cloud technology into a brand’s CXM ecosystem to enable agile, flexible, and real time Customer Experience Management, something not previously possible on legacy tech. Whether it be a pandemic, cost-of-living crisis, or turbulence in geopolitics, brands must adapt more than ever in order to meet customer expectations, and CXM On Demand is Merkle’s proposition to help brands stay on top of these ever-evolving consumer demands whilst optimising operations and cost.

Merkle’s CXM On Demand package will give brands the ability to use real-time data to optimise, support, and deliver valuable and consistent customer experiences across all channels. The services’ fundamental purpose is to enable brands to run adaptive, in the moment multi-channel CX campaigns, alongside wider commitments to data analytics and digital transformation.

The service will be immediately available throughout the UK market and is scalable across the EMEA region.

Through the Merkle-AWS partnership, Merkle has achieved over 250 technical and business accreditations and possesses over 250 globally trained professionals. The service, based upon the AWS cloud infrastructure, is set to expand to broader cloud technologies in the near future, based on an organisation’s specific needs.

Merkle clients such as London North Eastern Railway (LNER) are early adopters of the service, and have been working with Merkle to build a bespoke cloud-based ecosystem for the company. This system includes features such as a real-time customer database and journey management across channels, enabling the operator to effectively communicate to consumers through multiple touch points, as well as measure the performance of their campaigns. LNER now has the capacity to send out 40x more personalised emails and texts, delivering a cost-efficient solution of millions of timely, relevant in-the-moment communications across multiple channels

Claire Cardosi, Head of Digital Decisioning and Data Science at London North Eastern Railway said: “Customers’ expectations and behaviours continue to evolve as they embrace new technologies and ways of engaging with brands. At LNER we’re continually innovating to encourage more customers to consider rail in their travel plans, and retain those that already travel with us. The CXM On Demand service has enabled us to lead the industry in how we engage with our customers to enhance the experience they have when travelling with us and in turn drive loyalty.”

Lee Fitzhugh, VP, Data Management, Merkle EMEA added: “It’s an exciting moment for us at Merkle to see the trajectory of our mission - the possibilities are seemingly endless when we see CXM systems become as agile as the rest of the marketing world. Allowing brands to properly utilise data and adapt to situations on the fly is absolutely paramount in providing a unique and meaningful customer experience, and this means ensuring brands are able to adapt to events and meet consumers right where they’re needed.”