Qualtrics X4

March 7-9, 2023 | Salt Lake City, UT

Event Details

Qualtrics X4 (the experience management summit) was an unforgettable event experience dedicated to helping you and your organization use Experience Management to keep customers and employees, drive down operating costs, and deliver breakthroughs. 

Here’s were the highlights:

  • A bucket-list-worthy lineup of mainstage speakers will break down pivotal career and life moments, sharing how new insights compelled them to take action to create change
  • Leading brands will share the ways they’ve been able to drive growth and operational excellence using Experience Management
  • Building authentic connections with some of the most accomplished people in your field
  • Returning home with the inspiration to help grow and transform your organization and a practical roadmap to go do it

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Our Session | March 9, 2pm

Creating intelligent experiences that drive customer lifetime value

Understanding customer motivations & needs helps deliver personalized experiences, but the data needed is often siloed. Merkle's Shirli Zelcer and Qualtrics' Fabrice Martin described how Merkle's identity solution enriches data from multiple sources to uncover insights and deliver intelligent experiences.

Merkle M