The State of Customer Experience Transformation

Our report

For years, companies have worked to build out great customer experiences. As demand for digital experiences spiked in 2020, companies have had to accelerate their timelines for customer-centric transformation even more.

While many executives are making customer experience a priority—and feeling confident about their progress—when it comes to actually executing on and operationalizing initiatives, there is room to grow. To understand their priorities, challenges, and investments, Merkle conducted a survey of over 800 marketing and technology executives in the US and UK—focusing on three key customer experience areas: data, digital, and organizational transformation.

Read the report for insights such as:

  • 90% claim that consolidating consumer profiles is imperative to their organization, but only about half of respondents are currently investing to create more personalized and identity-based experiences.
  • The biggest limitations to using data effectively are related to data quality, expertise, and lack of agile partnerships.
  • 67% of organizations have implemented personalization in 3-6 channels, and 73% use insights from one channel to inform targeting in others.
  • 43% of respondents believe “customer experience transformation” is crucial to their business in the long term.
  • 86% stated that their organizations already understand and meet their most valuable customers’ needs, but customers don’t agree.