Migrating from SiteGenesis/SFRA to Composable Storefront

The why and how

Salesforce, which has always been at the forefront of adapting its offering to client needs and modern trends, has introduced a new solution that allows Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) to be implemented in the headless fashion. It is called Composable Storefront (previously known as PWA-Managed Runtime kit).

Merkle M

In recent years, headless commerce has rapidly emerged as the most popular architectural style for implementing commerce systems. Even though the traditional monolithic architecture styles are still suitable for many businesses, the benefits and the flexibility offered by headless architecture is encouraging many clients to adopt to it.

In this paper we will cover:

  • What the Composable Commerce concept is
  • How existing SFCC clients who are on the Suite architectures of SiteGenesis and SFRA can migrate to Composable Storefront
  • The opportunity presented to businesses who are considering to migrate
  • How to plan your migration approach and execute