What type of prizes and rewards win amongst consumers in today’s market?

It’s no surprise that we’ve seen prizing and rewards preferences shift when comparing pre-pandemic to present-day behaviors. In 2019, consumers were looking for more personalization and leaning into emerging technologies, but in today’s landscape, they’re looking for convenience and keeping a closer eye on their bottom line.

Cover of Prizing Report

Additional insights in the report explore how:

  • The generations differ
  • Income and gender impact prizing preferences
  • Customers feel about different types of promotions and prizes
  • To identify the best times for and the right frequency of promotions
  • To implement enticing digital options

This report will help marketers better engage with and serve their customers with the content they like and will benefit customer experiences across all industries.

Download the report to learn more about how consumers choose, consider, and desire their rewards.

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