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Diversity and inclusion are critical values that brands are beginning to prioritise in both their marketing efforts, and internal and external business goals. In Europe and the United Kingdom diversity is a key aspect of society, but diverse audiences are often overlooked due to limited reach, leading to under-representation in a brand's media choices. However, brands that embrace responsible advertising by promoting diversity and inclusion, can connect with a broader audience, build authenticity with these, and contribute to positive societal change. Connecting authentically with audiences such as the LGBTQIA+ is incredibly important, with 44 million Europeans identifying as part of this community (almost equivalent to the population of Spain), and a spending power of €35 Billion. The importance of reaching multicultural audiences in advertising is only growing and is shown in the projected increase in marketing spend by 6.3% to over $28.7 billion. Meaning that brands need to reach this audiences not only as it’s the right thing to do but a good for the brand and would be a missed opportunity when done right. 

Brand Advance is a leader in diversity & inclusion in advertising and can help brands achieve their goals in responsible advertising. They are experts in understanding diverse audiences, cultural nuances, and inclusive messaging, and can provide valuable direction in reaching and engaging audiences in a meaningful and authentic way. Through their extensive network of media partners, they can reach diverse audiences that include various ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities, which are often overlooked in media plans. More specifically, the Brand Advance team can assist brands in creating campaigns that are sensitive, respectful, and engaging to communities, ensuring that a brand not only reaches but resonates with a wide range of audiences. Becoming more intentional with your investment, targeting and messaging will see brands cut through and have a more real impact on both those they are reaching and their results.     

Additionally, Brand Advance works closely with brands to understand their brand purpose, values, and messaging and ensures that campaigns reflect the brand's commitment to diversity and inclusion. Helping build brand authenticity, trust, and loyalty among potential consumers, to drive higher engagement within diverse communities.  

A brands authenticity is crucial in today's marketing landscape to drive this higher engagement, so partnering with Brand Advance can help brands align their messaging with their values and build a genuine connection with their audience. While helping support social causes that are related to diversity and inclusion aligning marketing efforts with social values and making a positive difference in society.  

Ultimately moving forward, brands need to start aligning to responsible advertising practices to drive increased engagement and reach among underrepresented audiences that embrace diversity and inclusion looking to connect through building authenticity and contribute to positive societal change.