The Challenge:

Lenovo was looking to deliver more relevant communication to gaming audiences through the new global audiences segmentation. Lenovo wanted to understand the most effective way to go to market in APAC by testing audiences against popular gaming platforms in the region.


The Solution:

Dentsu developed media audiences segmentation leveraging GWI planning tools to identifying high affinity media and gaming environments  to connect with target audiences. Following this the team designed a testing framework that would measure audience engagement across OTT, CTV and Twitch platforms, also working with publishers to access premium content inventory.


The Results:

  • Lenovo High Roller segment (big tech spenders) saw highest engagement 0.70% CTR vs 0.55 CTR Immersed Gamers.
  • Whilst Twitch delivered strong audience engagement (86% completed view rate vs. campaign average 71% completed view rate) it was the costliest platform to drive traffic at $15.10 per land cost vs, campaign average of $9.61.