Gaining the power to identify unknown prospects in a privacy-safe way is a key priority for experience makers today. At the 2023 X4 Summit, Qualtrics announced a new partnership with Merkle’s Merkury identity resolution platform to make that dream a reality.

Qualtrics’s single, unified experience management platform

Many readers may know Qualtrics for its survey software, but in recent years the company has made a big impact with a suite of CXM offerings that include a powerful listening engine, predictive intelligence and analytics, and full closed-loop actioning capabilities designed to deliver a holistic understanding of customers’ experiences and deliver next best actions. QualtricsXM is designed as an enterprise-level experience management platform that can integrate with multiple data sources to bring together experience data and relevant operational data.

But often, those sources don’t link a user’s experience data to a specific ID, especially as a large majority of website visitors do not login. Identifying site and app visits at the person level is critical to gather more data on prospects and build a better understanding of your existing customers.

That’s where Merkury comes in

Merkury ID resolves known and unknown customer and prospect records across site and app visits into a single, persistent person ID – enabling and simplifying person-based identity for marketing and omnichannel experiences. Key capabilities include:

  • Build a foundational universe of real individuals
  • Recognize anonymous visitors to your web and mobile digital properties
  • Personalize experience across multiple channels (websites, apps, email, direct mail, etc.)
  • Collect powerful closed-loop feedback for machine-learning models & decisioning engines

Merkury helps brands know their customers and prospects alike, enabling addressable, personalized experiences across all channels without the use of third-party cookies.

In addition, Merkury enables brands to identify anonymous consumers and can enrich customer data with 3,000+ attributes in a privacy safe environment.

What Qualtrics + Merkury can do

By combining the power of Merkle’s Merkury with Qualtrics’s Experience Management platform capabilities, holistic knowledge of prospects and customers is now possible by marrying identity, experience, and operational data. 

The Merkury + QualticsXM joint solution enables brands to identify, analyze, and act in the moment to deliver personalized experiences. The joint solution drives value across three key areas:

  • Identify customers/prospects during the entire journey for better engagement.
  • Get a 360-view of the customers by combining 3k+ data attributes and experience data. 
  • Drive targeted action in a cookieless world to optimize experiences, improve customer retention, and increase revenue.

Merkury enriches customer profiles with over 3,000 data attributes linked to a persistent person ID. This identity data is then integrated into Qualtrics's Experience iD, enhancing the data brands have on their customers and prospects. Qualtrics offers comprehensive capabilities to analyze the overall experience across channels, using the customer or prospect's Experience ID profiles. By combining these powerful tools with operational data collected as customers engage, brands get a 360-degree view of their customers, supported by Qualtrics Experience ID and Merkury.

Brands can now orchestrate journeys in a cookieless manner to drive purchase behavior, optimize experiences, and power innovation. Other notable use cases include:

  • Identify at-risk customers sooner
  • Convert at-risk to healthy customers 
  • Reduce attrition rate
  • Increase positive reviews and mentions on social channels
  • Save operational costs of serving unhappy customers

A use case in action

The Merkury + QualticsXM joint solution can address multiple use cases. By sharing XiD data into Merkury, it can identify high-potential customers and offer them personalized high-value offers through journey orchestration. This can successfully prevent churn and increase customer lifetime value by adding more relevance to customers.

The solution can also identify silent detractors who don't share feedback and create personalized email marketing strategies to directly combat churn with them. Merkury can even identify prospective customers with similar profiles to develop a prospect segment for targeted advertising campaigns to aid in acquisition.

The partnership enables brands to provide exceptional experiences and refine segmentation for customer acquisition and retention in a cookieless world to drive growth for your brand. 

Want to learn more? Contact our Merkury team here.