Merkle was proud to sponsor and attend Snowflake Summit held in Las Vegas last month. The summit brought together industry experts, data enthusiasts, and technology pioneers to explore the latest advancements in data management and analytics. With AI taking center stage, the event showcased how Snowflake's Data Cloud Platform is evolving to eliminate data silos and enable secure data sharing across all data types, users, programming languages, and workloads.

Let's dive into the key highlights and innovations unveiled at the Summit:

Snowflake Data Cloud Platform Evolution

One of the core themes at the Snowflake Summit was the transformation of data management by eliminating silos and the facilitation of secure data sharing. This is something that Merkle has believed in for years to grant access to data across the organization! And Snowflake's Data Cloud Platform has been continuously evolving to address these challenges. By providing a unified and secure environment, Snowflake empowers organizations to collaborate seamlessly and extract valuable insights from their data.

New Innovations from Snowflake

AI and machine learning have become integral parts of the modern data ecosystem. Snowflake introduced groundbreaking advancements to support AI workloads. One of the highlights of Summit was the introduction of Snowpark Container Services, a game-changing feature that allows Snowflake's compute infrastructure to run any workloads, including full-stack applications, secure hosting of LLMs (Language Model Models), robust model training, and more, all within the Snowflake ecosystem. This advancement not only simplifies the deployment of AI models but also ensures security and scalability through the process too.

Snowflake Performance Index

Another notable announcement was the introduction of the Snowflake Performance Index. This new feature allows users to track the performance improvement of their workloads over time. By providing real-time insights into query optimization, resource utilization, and workload efficiency, the Snowflake Performance Index empowers organizations to fine-tune their data workflows and maximize productivity. This transparency enables data teams to identify bottlenecks, optimize queries, and deliver faster, more reliable analytics.

Snowflake's consumption-based pricing model is designed to help customers save money while also improving the performance of their workloads. This unique approach aligns Snowflake's incentives with the goals of their customers, resulting in both cost savings and faster data processing.

Merkury + Snowflake Data Cloud

During the Snowflake Summit, we made an exciting announcement. Merkle announced the availability of their identity resolution solution, Merkury on the Snowflake Data Cloud. This collaboration opens new possibilities for marketers and data professionals to harness the power of identity and leverage Snowflake's robust infrastructure to deliver personalized and targeted customer experiences. This integration of Merkury with Snowflake's Data Cloud Platform strengthens the data-driven marketing ecosystem, helping organizations to unlock deeper insights and drive meaningful customer engagement. With the accelerated speed of Snowflake’s innovation, we’re excited to leverage the new offerings to accelerate Merkury further in the future.

The 2023 Snowflake Summit proved to be a fantastic event, showcasing the progress in data management and analytics with the help of AI capabilities. Snowflake's relentless pursuit of eliminating data silos and enabling secure data sharing reflects the industry's growing need for seamless collaboration and insights-driven decision-making. The Summit served as a testament to the continuous innovation happening in the realm of data, setting the stage for a future where organizations can unlock the true potential of their data assets. We’re already looking forward to the 2024 Summit June 3-6 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco!

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