Customer experience transformation is top of mind for brands and marketers that are entering a new world where third-party identifiers will no longer be available to deliver the total customer experience.

As you evaluate new technologies and platforms, you are likely coming across customer data platforms (CDP) with a promise to bring relevant data together in real-time to provide instant personalization. When considering CDPs, if you have any of Adobe’s Marketing cloud products, you are likely considering Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). Read more on What are Adobe’s AEP and Real-time CDP.

Platforms like AEP help power personalization at scale by combining online and offline data. However, CDPs need offline data that is cleansed. An example of this is personally identifiable information (PII)-based data resolved at a person level from a reference base of US consumers and households. Identity is the core enabler needed as part of the new solutions, as it is the key to driving optimal experiences. Merkle’s Identity Accelerator powered by Merkury solves for that. It streamlines the heavy lift of building a unified ID.

Our AEP Identity Accelerator will improve performance across your business outcomes. For example, we have seen on average 35-50% improvement in ability to recognize known customers and identify prospects engaging on web and mobile channels.


The Merkury + Adobe Experience Platform integration enables organizations to:

  • Own, build, and control a cookieless private identity graph
  • Enhance insights and optimize first-party audience segmentation with person-based third-party data appended to customer profiles
  • Grow and improve the accuracy of customer profiles for enhanced 1:1 personalization by identifying website, app, and email engagers at the person ID level
  • Extend addressable targeting reach in media without the use of third-party cookies

Once you have the Adobe Experience Platform with the power of our Identity Accelerator, you will be able to take greater command of customer experience and power personalization at scale even in the absence of third-party cookies.