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Mental Health Pillar

The Mental Health pillar seeks to create an inclusive and supportive network for those with, and impacted by, mental health conditions. We want to understand and meet our employees needs whilst inspiring confidence within the Merkle community to foster open and honest conversation around mental health.

Mental Health in the workplace

Mental health has never been spoken about more candidly or frequently. Taboo still surrounds the topic, however, and many people feel unable or unwilling to talk about struggles with mental health in any setting, let alone a professional one. Work is a place where you spend a huge proportion of your week, and we believe it shouldn’t be somewhere that mental wellbeing is forgotten or put away in a box to be dealt with at another time. In fact, we believe quite the opposite. We seek to make Merkle a workplace with a formal support network for those struggling with, or affected by, mental health conditions, plus provide easy access to work mental health resources whenever they’re needed. By actively encouraging our senior leadership to speak openly about how mental health issues have affected them or those they love, we have seen an uptake in use of resources like our mental health first aiders. We raise awareness and educate the Merkle community on all conditions and their potential circumstances and aim to become a leading voice for change within corporate policy.

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