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Gender Pillar

The Gender Pillar is about empowerment, education and awareness around all topics relating to Gender. We work closely with other DEI pillars to celebrate gender across Merkle, taking intersectionality into account. We have a big focus on allyship and are proud to have men on our committee, and high male attendance at our events throughout the year – as gender inclusion is simply part of the Merkle culture.

Gender equality in the workplace

Several years ago, a few female employees noticed that, more often than not, communications from leadership within the business were exclusively from the male perspective. They created a group called Women In Leadership which sought to elevate the voices of women and promote gender quality in leadership and management roles at Merkle. This initiative soon spread across the globe and evolved into the Gender Pillar, which seeks to highlight issues and educate employees across all aspects of gender and gender expression and gender diversity in the workplace. We empower colleagues by providing opportunities for exposure to members of senior leadership, and in turn invite those members of senior leadership to talk openly their career journey and what role gender has played in it. In the last few years, we have highlighted the importance of allies and sought to increase engagement from our male colleagues. Each year we host a whole week of celebrations for our two tentpole events: International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day. And each year, we support our HR team in pulling together our Gender Pay Gap report, as well as planning what actions we need to take off the back of the data.

A word from our pillar lead


Belinda Sorensen headshot

Belinda Sorensen

Principal Campaign Consultant

“Being Co-Lead of the Gender Pillar has been, and continues to be, something that challenges me. There is a real sense that we can build cultural change and I have been fortunate to be part of the committee to be able to help drive this. My highlight has to be the community of people I get to speak to across the company and working together to bring awareness on DEI topics through events and communications. I always feel proud when I know that these spark conversations because if we are talking about it then it is important to us.”



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