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The transformative marketing power of decisioning

The transformative marketing power of decisioning

How to use decisioning to support the Merkle Marketing Imperatives in 2020

Merkle’s Marketing Imperatives provide details of how businesses can best act now to place people at the heart of their business activities and strategy.

In this paper, you'll discover how decisioning is one of the best possible marketing technologies to deploy in pursuit of the three 2020 Marketing Imperatives, helping to:

  • Deliver a total customer experience: Customers now expect the companies they do business with to know them well and anticipate their needs through any channel, at any time and in any situation. Decisioning is the ideal tool to predict customer preferences, priorities and needs and automatically serve next-best-actions to meet these. The decision engine works seamlessly in the background to ensure customers receive an unparalleled experience with your brand that remains consistent and supportive no matter how they choose to engage with you.
  • Take ownership of identity: Using a single decisioning brain to help resolve any person-level identity issues for your organisation will not only ensure that the correct, timely message goes to exactly the right customer (not just household), it will make certain that your predictive models are as finely tuned as possible.
  • Enable agility through strategic sourcing: Decisioning can help your business make huge strides towards one-to-one customer communications – and embedding the necessary skills for its BAU usage in your organisation can be accelerated through strategically sourced expertise. For decisioning to enable true business strategy transformation, you must be able to act (and react) in agile fashion – and drawing on well-sourced external experts can be the key to unlock this mode of operation for your whole company.
Transformative Power of Decisioning