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5 Trends Driving a Resurgence in Multi-channel Marketing

A data-driven customer-centric approach

Transforming from a campaign-based approach to a more customer-centric one spans the considerations needed to efficiently manage all aspects of the Connected Journey. In 2016, multi-channel marketing (MCM) enters a new and exciting phase that merges time-tested best practices with the trends that are driving digital performance today.

Multi-channel marketing is a time-tested craft, with roots in digital, direct, and relationship marketing. Marketers should start with best practices and benchmarks, doing what we know works to drive customer behavior. We kicked off 2016 by saying: do what works. The craft of multi-channel marketing has been tested over many cycles, and best practices are now well defined. As a result, marketers are now able to reach consumers at the time and place that optimizes relevant engagements for them.

Multi-channel marketing fuses traditional-digital approaches like search and display, old-school media like TV and direct mail, and all forms of new media to deliver a better understanding of our customers.

Download our whitepaper to learn how personalization and advanced analytics will transform the way marketing is done.

Key Takeaways

  • How MCM will be redefined by connected experiences
  • How personalization will further redefine the MCM playbook
  • Why advanced analytics will dictate the increased pace for your customer strategy

Featured in this report:

Attribution quantifies each channel and message