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Creating powerful consumer experiences in a B2B world

Episode 14 | March 24, 2022

In this latest episode, we discuss current trends in the B2B world and how to meet the B2B customers’ expectations. B2B International's Head of Growth, Nick Hague, and Tom Percival, Managing Director in London joins Sharon Curr to come together and discuss how quickly the B2B world is changing, and what insights they have gathered to power business’ brand and culture.

The world of business has never been more complicated - creating a true meaningful experience now means that messages need to be delivered on the right channel and at the right time.

Bringing to light the Superpowers research to understand the buyer, we learn what’s most important to the customer and where in the journey a touchpoint is most critical.  

Through a case study putting insights into practice, this episode talks through developing a baseline knowledge of the audience, allowing the business to identify the persona gaps and what is needed to get a broad understanding of the audience’s journeys.

Merkle Connected

This podcast discusses CX transformation with those who enact customer experience change for the world’s leading brands. We’ll be hosting a wide variety of speakers from across the whole world of CX – giving you on-the-ground strategic advice and best practice from experts both within Merkle, and drawn from further afield. Discussions will take in all things data, tech, strategy, analytics, creative and more - giving you the ideas and know-how that you need to develop transformational, data-driven customer experience management practices for your brand.

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