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Store-level sales visibility drives data-driven decisions for a leading UK retailer


A leading UK retailer had limited real-time visibility of their phone sales data at store level, which meant that phone store managers and head office were unable to take the best decisions to drive strategic selling. It was not possible to see where targets were being missed in good time, meaning head office and regional responses were slow where sales were slipping. This was impacting revenue and meant that the business lacked agility to meet changes in sales patterns and regional shifts.


We created a web portal that ingested hourly feeds – providing data from multiple levels (national, regional and local store) for colleagues to see each hour’s performance against targets, so that they could react accordingly. We designed the new sales insight portal to be visually impactful and easy to instantly interpret, making it simple to fit around the needs of a busy store.

Due to the success of the portal, additional feeds were added to provide even more MI back to head office. A total of nine different dimensions are now covered, giving both a broad and a detailed view of hourly performance. Audit functionality was also embedded to allow store auditors to question stores and input their answers to the portal easily – a transformation of the former labour-intensive data-entry process.


The new portal means it’s now easy to see instantly which numbers are off-target and where targets are being met. Our client can now see hourly how stores are doing, and colleague engagement with data has hugely increased. Over 3,500 users now access the portal and use its data to drive their actions. This means that decisions locally, regionally and nationally are now taken with the benefit of far greater insight and that strategy can be flexed as required to deliver against both customer and business needs.

Keys to success

  • Fast turnaround to delivery
  • Continual enhancement of the platform making it an ongoing success
  • Visually impactful design to display results, giving rapid understanding of detail
  • Delivery of near-real time ability for users to track sales and act on insight

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