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Sky Connect brand launch goes ‘sky high’

Our brief was to launch Sky Connect for UK SMEs, offering a simplified and transparent broadband and phone experience into a historically CX poor, clustered market.

The objective was to identify and target small business decision makers, educating them on the benefits of Sky Connect, driving consistent engagement and direct + indirect sales.


Sky came to Merkle B2B, to support with the launch of their B2B broadband and phone offering into the UK small business market, following the success of a similar USA launch by their mother brand Comcast.

While they came with the strength of the existing, popular and trusted (fewer Ofcom complaints than everyone else [Q4 2010 – Q3 2020]) mother Sky brand, we had the challenge of entering a highly competitive marketplace, with the likes of BT, Virgin, Vodafone and TalkTalk with years of B2B presence ahead of Sky.

Additionally, the launch took place during one of the most difficult times for small businesses in the last 13 years, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing small businesses to pause or cease their operations.

Overall, the situation was highly challenging and Sky relied on Merkle B2B to help navigate them towards tangible, business success.


Sky’s own research showed small businesses view consistent broadband as highly important and there being a market-level switching inertia, both increasing since Covid. Coupled with a good customer experience and guaranteed issue resolution being identified as key ‘staying’ factors and Merkle’s deep B2B experience, we built our strategic framework based around this strong 360 view of the target audience.

Using behavioural-led data we identified key ‘intent’ signals to segment and target against, e.g. negative social posting around Sky’s competitors, first to market for new start-ups and in-market indicators. Combined with a focus of ongoing audience engagement and a cross-digital media mix, we landed on a programme engaging with small business owners across the funnel. Deep partnerships were developed with the likes of Facebook– a key platform for SMEs often acting as the shop window and CRM tool for their business – to build a whole user journey, from video engagement through to capturing leads within the platform.

Creativity was a constant throughout the whole strategy, not just in the communication output. On the data side we leveraged specific location data of small business clusters, cross-internet intent data and Sky own data from their TV business, all with a focus on building up the Sky Connect 1st party data set, to continually fuel new audiences.


It’s still early days with the brand launched on March 24th, but Sky have big aspirations for Sky Connect and the current results are pointing to it being a game changer in the B2B Telco marketplace. Getting such a prominent brand into market during a global pandemic has been a success in itself, particularly with most of the target audience having their business temporarily/permanently closed, which only amplified Sky’s wish to show that they were there for UK small businesses to help get them going again.

With over 700,000 website lands as a result of advert engagement and 1,200 leads generated via Facebook alone, the paid media activities that we have done have had an enormous impact.

From a media perspective we have generated a lot of noise, an impressive 360M impressions have been served from our advertising campaign, with over 1M high intent users visiting the Sky Connect website. All of these stats have far exceeded what we were predicting for this campaign.

360M Advertising Impressions
35M Video Views
733K Website Lands via Advert Engagement
1,200 Leads Generated via Facebook

Keys to success

  • Targeting media based on the audience, not assumptions. Facebook as a key partner
  • Behaviour and purchase intent identifiers as a key targeting factor across all media
  • Daily, weekly and monthly optimisations based on ongoing learnings, sales feedback from clients
  • Intelligent reporting dashboard to give clients and agency teams access to real-time performance data

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