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Provision of Analytics Platform to support Tesco Bank becoming a more ‘Cognitive Business’


Tesco Bank required a self-service data platform to develop and present trends dashboards and models for business use. They needed the ability to access and securely upload finance data which is hosted on-premises to the cloud. The data platform had to be a managed, maintained and supported environment to allow business users to view customer and financial services usage trends.


We built a self-service 'Discovery' web platform on and utilising AWS. Providing both an analytical development environment in R Studio and a dashboarding presentation tool in an application store using R Shiny for end business users. Tesco Bank could: import their own data using SFTP or the Web UI upload service, create their own interactive R Studio clusters using the purpose built web UI, and had full flexible control over the size of their analytics clusters to meet the demand of growing data sets.


This self-service platform provided an interface for both developers and business users to a single central self-hosted platform. The platform allowed Tesco Bank to transition to open-source technologies and harness the benefits of cloud computation.

"The Discovery platform allowed us to centralise decision making calculations in one space; as well as increase connectivity, scalability, re-usability and control. All making us a more cognitive business." - Tesco Bank

Keys to success

  • AWS & benefits of cloud computation

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