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More visitors, more convenience, more HEMA

HEMA makes everyday life better, funner and easier for its customers with the best customer experience on its website and in its shops. The 'More HEMA' customer card plays an important role in this respect. Three years after its launch, the "More HEMA" customer card already has 4 million users. The data from the users card provides insight into the offline shopping behaviour of HEMA fans. Where, when and what they buy can now be linked to the online user data.


To provide the best omnichannel experience, it is essential to have a holistic view of both online and offline sales. In addition, the wide range of products makes it difficult to advertise effectively, as there are specialist parties active in each product category. The challenge for HEMA therefore lies in the relevant purchase of generic search terms in order to lead new visitors to the website and to the shop.


The team combined online and offline data in three ways for online activation. Sources with online user data (such as website traffic, purchase behavior, location data based on GPS) and offline purchasing behavior (such as purchase data based on the customer card) are combined into a Single View of the Customer (SVC). Through an RFM model, the customer data is analysed, so we know exactly who the most valuable HEMA customers are, how to activate them and reach potential HEMA customers.  

3x More HEMA

Digital replacement

Previously, the physical brochure was an important channel, but with the Single View of the Customer we’re able to serve more relevant messages to existing customers. Hema had insight into client purchase patterns and location preference. Combining this knowledge with generic searches and current offers allows for more relevant messaging to existing customers. With receipt data linked to the "More HEMA" card, online and in-store sales data is being leveraged in optimising online channels.

Personalisation of advertisements

Generic advertisements are now also personalized based on the customer's favourite product categories, such as baby, fashion, etc.

Generic advertising

Via google cloud and the google marketing platforms the team combined the 'first party data' with 'third party look-a-likes'. Reaching not only top buyers, but also potential HEMA customers, who in terms of online behaviour are very similar to HEMA fans. From now on, they too will see more relevant digital advertisements based on generic search behaviour, performance and better segmentation through the use of auction time bidding strategies.  


  • 714% (ROAS 1,097%) increase in online and instore sales attributed to the digital replacement campaign
  • 159% increase in sales within generic ads
  • 43% higher CTR through personalization of ads
  • Greater ease of use and more visitors

This successful case is the winner of:

  • The Dutch Search Awards 2020 in the categories: 'Best Use of Data' and 'Best PPC B2B Campaign'
  • The winner of a Dutch Interactive Award 2021 in the Data category

and nominated at:

  • The European Search Awards 2021 in the categories: 'Best PPC Campaign', 'Best use of data (PPC)' and 'Best use of Search- B2C (PPC).

Keys to success

  • Combining online and offline data for online activation
  • Serving relevant messaging to existing clients
  • Leveraging google cloud and google marketing platforms to create third party look a-like models

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