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The Merkle Visualisation Platform identifies trends and sales opportunities to drive positive ROI for Renault UK

The Renault UK Trade Programme is a 25,000 strong partner and loyalty scheme. It is designed so that Independent Motor Traders and Bodyshops can benefit from purchasing genuine Renault parts by receiving trade discounts and regular mailings on promotions and new products.


Renault UK had recognised the importance of data to support their marketing efforts and the operational running of the business. They invested in a single customer view database with Merkle to consolidate their data and provide them with intelligence to drive the business.

With this project completed they were faced with the challenge of using the data effectively; understanding what this consolidated data could tell them, having visibility of the data and reporting upon it. The structure of the programme meant that Renault UK had a number of different requirements for different members of the organisation, such as management and area managers of dealerships.

The key objectives for any implementation included: increasing visibility of the Renault trade sales data for data analysis and reporting; an easy to use tool that would not require analytical expertise; and a flexible solution that could meet the requirements of management as well as area managers.


The Merkle Visualisation Platform has been deployed over the Renault UK database, giving improved visibility of Renault’s data.

Prior to deployment we worked with the Renault UK team to understand the requirements of the different users, preconfiguring reports and filter options based on job function. Based on log in credentials each user sees the most relevant information to their area and has access to different data selections.

The collaborative cyclical execution of build, test, user review, refine allowed Renault stakeholders to be an intricate part of the development. Typically, BI projects of this nature focus on the requirements of Head Office where in reality the dealer network was going to be at the coalface of making data driven decisions. We included dealers from the Renault network at both ends of the early adopters and change challengers lateral spectrum. Taking the time to learn and appreciate some dealers had worked in one way for 10 years allowed us to adopt empathic product development.

The solution contains 29 filters and data options such as specific dealer information, products, area, trade partners, and even drills down to specific transactions. Drag-and-drop functionality allows users to quickly analyse, search and visualise customer data, ‘slice and dice’ data and to drill down to granular level.  

Lastly, cases where individual post-delivery training or indeed feature enhancements were required were actively pursued, challenged and where necessary delivered – ensuring total satisfaction and maximum usefulness for our client.


Our solution provides Renault UK with a number of benefits, with a particular positive being increased real-time access to data. The Renault Trade Programme team now have the ability to drill into their data and understand their business at any given moment; should they notice an unusual sales pattern or that figures are low, they can dive straight into the data to try and determine the cause. This increased visibility of data provides business agility.

With users able to access the data directly and many of the required reports predefined, the Merkle Visualisation Platform has also delivered considerable time and efficiency savings. Taken together with the value derived from a deeper understanding of the business, the Merkle Visualisation Platform translates into a very positive return on investment.

“The Merkle Visualisation Platform gives us a window into every element of our database that we have never had before. We are now able to interrogate any sale of any car part to any of our dealer network’s trade customers within seconds. All of this is delivered over the web, meaning we can access the information we need, whenever we want, and wherever we are.”

Keys to success

  • Cyclical collaboration ensured articulation & delivery of requirements at all hierarchical stakeholder levels
  • Knowing and engaging the right audience during development had a significant impact on post-delivery adoption
  • Change management throughout the engagement influenced creativity outside the ink on the statement of work
  • Regular post-delivery feedback and reflection sessions facilitated understanding between the developers and Renault operational teams

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