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Magpie: a 100% AI-driven multi-channel marketing campaign


We were challenged to build a digital marketing solution that could react to News as fast as Twitter does, by finding a way to connect users with high-quality, real-time conversations on Twitter about topics that were relevant to them. By doing this, we aimed to increase on-platform engagement in a personalised and user-centric way, while increasing overall active users on Twitter.


Taking a proof of concept developed in 2018, Merkle built a fully realised, custom campaign management tool, Magpie, that uses bespoke AI to analyse trending topics in real-time, and curate personalised trend recommendations, delivering them as digital ads across display and search formats within 15 minutes of a trend breaking.

The team developed several industry-first solutions to create visually coherent creative for multiple channels, with dynamic, AI-driven messaging. This allowed Twitter to serve users personalised ads based on their interests across a range of digital touch points, at scale; all with minimal human intervention. 



Implementing Magpie significantly improved the performance of our digital campaign, increasing conversions by 212% year on year, with cost per conversion falling by 51%. Moreover, Magpie has aligned Twitter’s marketing strategy with their core brand values of being the source of real-time news and conversations.


increase in conversion rate


increase in conversions


decrease in cost per conversion

Keys to success

  • Building a user-centric campaign that reacts to the news as fast as Twitter itself.
  • Bespoke machine learning turned user-generated content into engaging ads.
  • Connecting users with content that matters to them in real-time, 24/7.

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