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Implementing an operating model for Marktplaats.nl to activate individual customer profiles in real-time


Marktplaats.nl, the largest classified advertising website in the Netherlands, was looking to truly know its customers and implement the right operating model to activate individual customer profiles in real-time.

There was no consistent way to engage with customers across channels – messaging was not joined up and mostly executed in email and silent notifications. This was resulting in fragmented communications and missed opportunities.


We used a clear and simple approach to build a customer strategy model. Based on this model we developed a contact strategy to bring it to life with a full and prioritized list of programs.

By analysing Marktplaats’s customer data and creating a full understanding of its customers we were able to create a new customer strategy model with clear stages and segments. Additionally, we conducted driver analysis to uncover the behavioural drivers that push customers to more valuable stages.

The customer strategy with the driver analysis allowed us to translate all the insights into a complete contact strategy handbook. This handbook consists of visualized customer journeys with complete campaign briefings, program flows, top line targets, objectives and KPIs.

Our work delivered a new segmentation model that consists of five user stages. We ensured that there were clear definitions, objectives and rulings per stage based on insights, driving a vastly improved customer experience for our client that also streamlined the path to purchase. We identified long-term opportunities and risks to ensure that the future could be best anticipated and prepared for. Our contact strategy handbook, coupled with documentation of best practices for communication hierarchy, contact pressure ruling and NBAs, made certain that customer experience and success is now firmly placed at the heart of Marktplaats’ operations.


“Through the great work of Merkle we now have a unified understanding of our customers’ needs and are able to design our contact programs against clear, actionable objectives that drive the success of our customers on our platforms.”

Gregory Kukolj - Chief Marketing Officer

Keys to success

  • Simplicity of approach – three steps meant our objectives were clear at each stage
  • Working collaboratively with the client teams throughout
  • Data was key: we took the time to analyse the data to deliver deeper customer insight before setting out our strategy

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