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Embedding tailored Adobe resource and expertise into NOW TV's inhouse campaign team to identify, improve and QA campaigns

Following a restructure and strategy pivot, campaign challenges had arisen which led to significant commercial impacts for NOW TV as a result of lost opportunities. These needed to be addressed quickly and stability restored. We have been a trusted partner to NOW TV since our Adobe Campaign implementation in 2015, making us the natural choice to turn to when the client needed a safe pair of hands to steady the ship.


The NOW TV campaign delivery team were experiencing growing pains. An ever-increasing workload was coupled with a developing team which had some skills gaps. Managers found themselves trying to prioritise today’s work against investing in benefits that would be felt tomorrow. Most worryingly, they were experiencing a rise in campaign build errors which were costing them extra QA time and preventing focus being given to other priorities.

We were asked to provide short term support to:

  • Guarantee 100% accuracy immediately
  • Upskill the junior team members for longer-term security
  • Support the junior team members on a day-to-day basis so that the managers could refocus on other priorities

 Merkle's flexibility and understanding of Adobe meant they added value quickly and became an integral part of our team. They really understood the challenge we faced and the root causes, so needed very little direction to drive the required changes. As a result we felt the benefit almost immediately! Having their support and expertise gave us the breathing room we needed and by the time the support framework was completed we were stronger than ever before.

Dan Mottram, Head of Journey Orchestration, NOW TV 


To answer our client’s challenge, we provided a principal campaign consultant to work hand-in-hand with the NOW TV team. Having a dedicated individual embedded in the team meant our resource was available to provide tailored support in responding to challenges as they arose.

We immediately took over the QA process, relieving the managers and giving them back significant amounts of time. We provided feedback on the campaign build errors found and helped the junior campaign execs understand not only how to fix them, but how to avoid them in the future.

We also delivered a series of ‘bootcamps’ focused on the errors that were found most regularly. In doing this, we upskilled the team and ensured that they didn’t become dependent on Merkle resource long-term.


From day one there were zero campaign errors. Removing this risk allowed the managers to focus on strategy, planning and complex workflow development.

Before leaving the team, our consultant compiled a backlog of work initiatives for continued progress and provided individual feedback on the campaign execs with areas of development for them to focus on.

Once we stepped away, the team were ready to work on their own again and were in a better position than ever.


Campaign execution accuracy from day one

Keys to success

  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to the client circumstances meant we were able to add value immediately
  • Deep technical understanding of Adobe Campaign meant the client team had an expert to turn to, no matter what issues cropped up
  • Focus on empowering the team rather than embedding a long-term external solution
  • Our programme of coaching and development to upskill the junior execs meant that the team was stronger at the end of the engagement than at the start

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