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Biopharmaceutical Firm Develops Truly Personalized Experiences




A global biopharmaceutical company was looking to personalise its user site experience by developing a personalized approach to communicate and interact with patients who were interested in learning more about their condition.

The company’s goal was to drive engagement, increase message impact, and influence overall site behaviour by shifting from one-size-fits-all advertising to personalised digital experiences.


Partnering with key client counterparts, Merkle’s team of digital marketing professionals utilised advanced research methodologies and data management platform (DMP) technology to deliver optimised personalisation and more relevant site experience where we found higher engagement in the appropriate messaging.

A crawl, walk, run approach was undertaken for this project, which began with a sophisticated persona development process based upon motivational market research. The team leveraged data and visitor profiles from the DMP layered with qualitative and quantitative research to develop unique personas using advanced data analysis.

After persona creation, the Merkle team worked with the client to create DMP-based look-alike models projected to 95% of the population to optimize via the decision optimisation platform. By utilising both first- and third-party digital data for real-time decisioning, along with their customised personas and targets, the team was able to drive more effective and relevant targeting and personalisation.

Additional Highlights

The solution put in place by the Merkle team provided more relevant content, targeted to unique personas, driving improved site engagement and user experience.

Over a 3+ year relationship, Merkle helped the client grow dramatically through our unique approach. Leveraging advanced research methodologies, first- and third-party data, site analytics, and DOP and DMP integration services, the client was able to drive improved overall engagement, relevancy, and digital site targeting.

Additionally, we have played a key role in support of the creative programming for the client. At Merkle, we believe designing powerful messaging strategies is a science, not just an art; and Merkle improves the impact of direct marketing communications by using a disciplined and analytical approach to creating effective marketing communications. 



Data–driven, motivation-based personas developed to ensure a personalised, dynamic site experience using existing content


Percentage of visitor population projected through build of look-alike models

Keys to success

  • Creation of a sophisticated persona development process in order to create look alike models
  • Leveraged first-and third-party data for real-time decisioning

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