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Beverage Brand Speeds Up Event Stream and Improves Analytics


A large beverage retailer wanted to use data across multiple channels (email, digital, CRM) to understand the different events a customer experienced before purchasing additional products. ​The desired end state would enable insights to drive campaign performance as well as provide an understanding of how those touches impact customer lifecycle. 

​Unfortunately, media, CRM, and email analytics have historically been siloed ventures across teams and technology. ​These silos prohibit the integration of historical data to build the appropriate models.


  • Onboard the client onto RAL to automatically load over 50 different data feeds. ​
  • Configure CDI processing using Merkle’s cR-KB product to perform hygiene and identity resolution across multiple sources. ​
  • Utilise RAL analytics environment to connect media and email engagements to actual performance and effect on customer lifecycle.


Reduction in time spent on data management / manipulation by analytics team
Decrease of duplicative customer / prospect records after CDI processing
Quicker onboarding to Rapid Audience Layer solution, as compared to standalone cloud solution
Increase in data loading speed due to scalability of solution

Keys to success

  • Data files analysed by RAL's schema detection parsed out all erroneous records that didn’t conform – keeping bad data from entering the system
  • Speed of onboarding onto RAL solution ensured process was completed in under four weeks
  • Analytics team pushed CRM models to all people-based, addressable platforms (email, paid social)
  • Time saved provided efficiencies to build additional models and connect those models, positively impacting performance

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