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Best-in-Class CRM with Adobe


A global family entertainment company expanded CRM activities from a market level to a corporate level. This tremendous effort required the hiring of an international CRM team, however they didn’t have the necessary tools or vendor partnerships to execute on the new strategy.

The hurdles began with their database. Outdated, inflexible, and updated on a monthly basis, the database created significant gaps in accuracy and efficacy. The existing campaign application was antiquated and unable to support new channels or tactics, making innovative approaches nearly impossible. In addition, campaign execution required manual intervention, killing productivity and causing the team to miss opportunities.

The team also lacked email response data, preventing accurate response attribution and audience counts.

Simply put, these impediments precluded the desired integration of their international CRM efforts, a situation made even more difficult as their vendor partnership was not valuably adding to this new strategic initiative.


The CRM system needed to be replaced with a holistic solution that supported the team’s strategic shift.

The first step was to implement a world-class Foundational Marketing Platform (FMP) with best-in-class technology that allowed the flexibility to adapt as their database grew and strategies evolved. The FMP needed to be coupled with a system that allowed for sophisticated campaigns, a high-level of automation, management, and monitoring across multiple channels; while allowing easy execution by the team.

Adobe Campaign was deployed and integrated with the core solution and existing email service provider, perfectly satisfying the substantial requirements. Also, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server was integrated to support advanced campaign reporting and provide crucial business intelligence to the team.


View of customer, updated daily
Campaigns executed monthly
Countries where solution currently supports initiatives

Keys to success

  • Situational analysis for selection of most appropriate foundational marketing platform
  • Expertise in implementation of Adobe products
  • Client training to ensure successful adoption and ongoing usage of newly acquired platform

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