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Switching from a business-centric media strategy to a customer lifecycle approach for a leading infant nutrition brand


Our client, a leading infant nutrition brand, has 1000 days (from pregnancy to a toddler’s second birthday) to connect with and retain their audience. The brand’s media was set up around product lifecycles, with campaigns going live seasonally – even though there is little seasonality to how babies are born. To maximise effectiveness, our client needed to switch from a business-centric media strategy to a customer lifecycle approach, with tailored media addressing individual customer needs at the right moment for each unique family.


Merkle responded to the challenge by designing and delivering a full-scale transformation plan across strategy, data, delivery and the organisation itself. We helped the organisation to switch their marketing to be focused much more around individual customer needs throughout their thousands of unique personal journeys with the brand.

Our strategy responded to this challenge by ensuring that media activation was always-on so that our client could capture parents as soon as they entered the marketing funnel. Once they began their journey, we tailored the media creative and messaging to the age of the child and the parent’s level of engagement with brand.

In order to achieve this, we moved the client away from purely utilising third-party data and broad audiences, to leveraging their own first-party data from onsite visitors and club members to identify where each customer was in their 1000-day journey and journey with the brand. We also transformed the way budgets were allocated, removing siloed planning and instituting an integrated approach.


Media activity is now always on throughout the year, and budgets are tailored around nuances in the consumer journey and business priorities. We transformed digital delivery in every single channel, as well as ways of thinking and working for our client teams.

Consumers are now served relevant creatives and messaging based on their baby’s age and whether they’re a club member or not – placing each person at the heart of their own unique customer journey. This approach has delivered double-digit growth in PPC engagement metrics.

Finally, we were delighted to hear from our client’s Head of Growth:

“Our partnership with Merkle has revolutionized the way we do digital marketing and personalised consumer experiences at [our brand]. In less than six months, Merkle has paved the way for achieving 100% data driven activations and delivering people-based marketing.”


lead quality score


Increase in Paid Search traffic YoY (Jan – Sept 2020 vs Jan – Sept 2019)

Keys to success

  • Moving from a product-led approach to a customer-focused approach
  • Linking media data with CRM to ensure personalised comms
  • Ways of working transformation in tandem with strategic goals

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