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Virtual workshop: Achieving business goals whilst working remotely

Work efficiently with employees and customers virtually and achieve business goals in the home office

Original Presentation Date

Apr 02, 2020

Key Takeaways

As businesses globally are adjusting to this new virtual remote working reality overnight. We at Merkle want to share our expertise, tips and experience with you. Find out in our webinar what it takes to make virtual workshops a success.

Our experts Mark and Christian will guide you through the following topics:

  • Keeping it simple: Requirements for virtual workshops
  • A good plan is half the battle: Success through the right preparation
  • Now it's getting serious: The execution and moderation of the workshop
  • Very practical: tips & tricks from our everyday workshop routine

Detailed Overview

You are having to work remotely and faced with the challenge of keeping your project running and conducting virtually planned workshops? Do you need suitable tools and methods to collaborate efficiently with your employees and customers?

For many people, working from home means less direct contact with employees, superiors and their customers. As a result, the mutual exchange of information on current projects often suffers and efficiency is no longer guaranteed. This leads to uncertainty and delay, and in the worst case to major financial losses. Some of us are used to discussing things face-to-face and cannot even imagine working on complex topics together, interactively and virtually.

What does it take for an interactive format to be successful? The differences are smaller than you think. What is decisive, the planning and implementation, for which a few basic rules must be observed. With a few tips, methods and tools such as a workshop can not only be feasible, but even more goal oriented. Join us as we share our expertise in this interactive webinar.

In this webinar, we will provide you with the digital infrastructure for virtual meetings and interactive workshops, whether you’re communicating with a team of 5 or 50. In addition, we will help you to plan, prepare and conduct virtual meetings or workshops. Our experienced moderators will also demonstrate how to achieve successful virtual results. And, of course, we also provide the tools necessary for the development. 


Mark Clydesdale

VP, Transformation & Strategy

Christian Seidl

Strategy Consultant