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Upgrade to integrate: Adobe Campaign Classic and Adobe Identity Management System

Product Update: Adobe Campaign Classic and Adobe Identity Management System

The security of digital experiences is paramount and, to maintain the required level of prevention and detection, Adobe continue to find ways of ensuring security in every circumstance.

In support of this, there are some upcoming changes to the Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) that will be important to you if you currently have Adobe Campaign Classic installed. This short product update will provide everything you need to know in order to make some small updates ahead of this integration.

So, what is Adobe Identity Management System?

Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) helps administrators create and manage user’s access to applications and services. This can either be done by the Adobe ID that’s created when a user first connects to an Adobe product or via integration to the user’s network account (an Adobe ID is still created in this instance).

Adobe Campaign Classic users can connect to the Adobe Campaign console using their Adobe ID. This integration provides the following advantages:

  • The same ID can be used for all Experience Cloud solutions
  • The connection is memorised when using Adobe Campaign with different integrations
  • Users can adopt their organisation’s password management policy
  • Use of federated ID accounts (external ID provider)

How do I know if I have Adobe Campaign Classic?

Quite simply, if you are connecting to Adobe Campaign via a web browser, then it’s very likely that you are not using Adobe Campaign Classic.  The full functionality of Adobe Campaign Classic can only be accessed by logging into an application installed on your PC. The only exception to this is if your organisation is currently using Citrix to distribute software.

How do I know which version of Adobe Campaign Classic I have?

Contact the system administrator or product owner in your organisation who will be able to inform you of the version you are using. If they are not sure how to find this information, then please do get in touch with us so we can assist.

What version of Adobe Campaign Classic do I need to be running / upgrade to?

The version of Adobe Campaign Classic your organisation is running, or needs to upgrade to, is any of the following:

  • Campaign Gold Standard 11
  • Campaign 20.3.3
  • Campaign 20.2.4
  • Campaign 20.1.4
  • Campaign 19.2.4
  • Campaign 19.1.8

When does this need to be done by?

IMS changes will go live on the 1st of April 2021, so your organisation must be on one of the versions listed above to continue authenticating using IMS.

We can help!

If you require any help answering the questions above, or need guidance on the upgrade process, then please do get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.